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Choose your color carefully

By Staff | Jun 24, 2016

ing colors can be one of the best, funniest and frustrating things! Recently between house projects and painting here and there, colors have often come up. It’s no wonder that Crayola can have so many colors in a box (Oh for the love of a big brand new box of crayons!).

First there is your regular good old house paint. Now it may surprise you, but I sometimes I think I’m kind of boring when it comes to wall colors. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a nice neutral beige or luxe. However, then you go down the paint isle to the “neutral” tones and there are 25 if not 300 different little squares of color! GOOD LUCK! They all pull from different color palettes so you can pick one with a pink tone (ick), green tone (bigger ick), and so on… and yet someone always gives me grief when I take my time finding paint! I can’t help it, I don’t want to have to redo it. I got lucky now and since I have found shaker beige (yes, it’s a paint color) – it’s my new go-to color! Thank you Rugby Lumber!

Now, however, we recently just painted a wall red. To me, I refer to it as Santa red! A true red. It’s gorgeous and rich, however when I was describing it to someone else, they called it mauve. Mauve? Seriously? Mauve is between pink Pepto Bismol and burgundy! Haha! And this is where this thought all stems from – how can we describe colors (and so easily) when we all see something different? The only thing you can do is describe an item that each person in the conversation knows. Like Santa! (Yes, I know him!! Haha) Or John Deere green – everyone should know that color!

I was looking at samples of siding – again red? Mauve? Brown? Now it’s great when they add adjectives to the color; “Autumn red” so does that mean, “orange, brown, gold and red?” If I think of autumn in the form of colors, I think of just those colors! It makes perfect sense to me.

Another good place to try to pick a color is the salon. First the stylist or nail tech will say to you, “Pick your color,” as they point to a wall filled will little polishes of the rainbow. Once again, I start looking them up and down to find the perfect shade of red or pink! I often catch myself tipping them upside down like China to read their names, just out of curiosity! Some of the brands come up with outrageous names just for fun! Like, “I’m Not Really A Waitress” or “I Eat Mainly Lobster” both shades of… you guessed it… red!

Whatever your color is, have fun with it! Paint it up and live in a world of color! If nothing else, you can enjoy white walls when you end up in a home! Cheers!

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