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Daydreaming of the sun and flowers

By Staff | Jun 17, 2016

How is it some weeks I can sit down at the computer and my fingers can’t keep up with what I want to get down on paper, and the next week – more or less – nothing? I am always shocked when it’s Thursday. For those of you who don’t know, Thursday is the day that we lay out the paper and we get everything laid out and ready to print. That’s why we have a TUESDAY deadline, so it allows a day and a half to prepare and design ads, determine what is timely and what isn’t. But my point is, it used to seem like the weekends went speeding by, however, now so do the weekdays. I have decided that is mainly because there is something constantly going on – the day at work followed by meetings and events in the evening. Heck, sometimes I’m lucky to get a little cleaning or laundry done!

Lately, I have been wanting to get outside more. Summer is so short as it is that it’s hard to get stuck indoors after awhile. I debated and wanted to plant a garden. At first, I pondered tackling the cool garden box, but knew just getting the boxes done would be more then I could take on. So I came to the conclusion to post pone it this year. Instead, I will support our grocery store and soon the local fresh market! It’s always fun to see what they have or what they have left some times!

Flowers, of course, are always wonderful. The past couple of weeks, when I drive here and there for some reason the peonies specifically scream at me, “Don’t you wish you had some of me in your yard?!” Ha! They are absolutely gorgeous! However, I have heard they attract ants, true?

I remember in college in Ohio, we were planting and fixing up our front porch to try and make it not look so tacky living in the “less expensive” part of town. A guy walked by and said, “Nice curb appeal!” It cracked me up! It was so random and really, it wasn’t that exciting. He continued to walk as he added, “My mom always said, ‘it’s good to have good curb appeal.'” I think his momma was spot on!! It’s refreshing to drive through town and see the freshly cut yards (not to mention the smell – divine!) Now a days it’s fun to see the different things people have added to their yard – plus, it’s more than just pots of flowers! With all of the DIY projects – there are lots of Welcome signs and family name signs, wagons, bicycles, flags, furniture – you name it, it goes! That is if it’s put there on purpose and not left there like a garbage pit – like the old washer and dryer or old car part. Yes, we have that too in town. Of course, along with the unkept yards and weeds. (Come on people, spray your dandelions!!)

Back to the good. I’m glad that we take pride in our yards and I may not have a lot of flowers this year, but the few I have, I love. The ones outside the shop, bring a smile to my face every time I step in. It makes our town look good, which once again we can be proud of. I notice these things when I drive through other towns and it makes me remember them or better yet – makes me want to come back! Thank you to those that work hard and have pride! It doesn’t go unnoticed! Cheers!

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