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Things Are Always Changing

By Staff | May 13, 2016

Personally, I go back and forth with the idea of change. The world and society is ever evolving. Everyday we choose to either go with it or try and “change” it back to the way it was. My first thought that I’ve been struggling with lately is the upcoming election. I want to bring it to everyone’s attention not only because I’m not a fan, but so you don’t miss an opportunity to vote! Have you received an “Absentee Ballot” in the mail? Second question did you throw it away because you don’t plan to be “absent” the day of the election? Eek!

If you missed it, the Tribune reported that the Pierce County Commissioners voted to hold this year’s primary and general elections by mail, which then, in essence, means you, the electorate, are all voting absentee. That absentee ballot/application needs to be sent back (with no self addressed envelope so forget about a stamp).

The reasoning given was this new method would save money by not having the upkeep on the election machines, as well as the costs on voting locations and of poll workers. More importantly, I’ve been told that this gives voters more opportunities to thoroughly read and know who/what they are voting for in the comfort of their own homes. Don’t get me wrong, not all households may be this way… but I can just imagine everyone around the table doing it together like a test! NO! It should be private and your own decision. I love talking politics on occasion with particular family and friends where others I avoid! I personally think it’s easier to cast my vote where nobody is trying to persuade it, which is privately at a table or booth at a polling place not my kitchen table!

As far as at home, you could read over the ballot and understand more clearly whom and what you are voting for… if you don’t know, ask! Who at home is going to assist you with any questions you may have on the ballot? I hope you go to the polling place with some ideas of what’s on the ballot. Every politician and/or measure is being advertised and talked about well before it comes to Election Day. I’m here to tell you, there should be no surprises!

Call me old-fashioned, but it’s supposed to be an honor to turn 18 and cast your vote! It might seem cheesy, but I love getting that little flag sticker that reads, “I Voted!” You walk around proud that you voted! I did my patriotic duty your walk should be taller and stronger! Not only that, you remind other people to go vote! Who ever came up with that little touch of democracy is genius!

You may be ok with sending in your vote and it having the possibility of getting lost. I, on the other hand, will stand in line at the Courthouse this year as the Armory will not be open to vote.

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