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Awestruck By Our Community

By Staff | Apr 22, 2016

If you don’t know me, I have tendency to be passionate about a number of things and to be honest pretty sentimental. I’ve been thinking this week on how amazing our community is and how we seriously come together when needed. It seriously makes my heart sing and smile until I feel like I’m about to explode.

First, I was just amazed when I heard about Victor Buchta’s gift to the museum (see pg 1 if you have not heard or read yet). I had the opportunity to photograph Mr. Buchta last year for a centenarian project. They sadly didn’t end up using his image, but I will treasure that I was able to meet and photograph him. Which leads to when I heard of the incredible generous gift he left the museum. My heart melted and it took me back to that day – remembering how sweet he was in person. A camera in your face can sometimes be a little overwhelming, so I remember talking with him (which felt like yelling, when you’re speaking with someone over 100) But I asked him how he met his wife, when he blushed, waved his hand at me and said, “Oh that’s a long story.” It was such a sweet and surreal comment. We all imagine our future, if it be tomorrow, 10 years, or more I don’t know if I have ever pictured 65 years away! I can only hope that I haven’t lost my sentimental side and that maybe a sweet photographer stops by so I too can be remembered!

On another note, the last couple of weeks a number of fundraisers have taken place for Bennie Mygland, who survived a car crash, leaving him with substantial injuries to his spine. Once again, the community did not hesitate to act and take care of their own.

The Rugby Wrestling Club hosted two wrestling tournaments (free style and greco). The Rugby wrestlers took part, along with past graduates, even some basketball players that had never wrestled along with kids from out of town. Roughly 120 wrestlers took part with all proceeds to go to Bennie and his family. On top of wrestling everyone that took part and helped out, donated their time plus add the community donated the awards. It doesn’t stop!

The Rugby Livestock Sales Ring donated a calf and brought in $4000 in less then 5 minutes! A person couldn’t help but just me aw struck at the generosity in the room after each time “the calf” was auctioned off – 10 times in total. Absolutely Amazing!

I can only imagine this weekend will be no different. If you are reading this before Sunday – there is a benefit breakfast at the Eagles with auctions and raffle items. I only imagine my mind will be on overload when I see once again the amazing acts of kindness and generosity that pours out.

Living in a community such as this, not only makes me proud. But makes me feel safe that if anything ever happens, you know people will be there for you!

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