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It’s About Property Values, Not Taxes

By Staff | Apr 15, 2016

I was a little shocked at the property assessment meeting that took place Tuesday evening. First, I’ve heard some squabbles around town about the assessments; however, in a community of just shy of 3,000 only a couple dozen people show up! As was stated in the meeting if it be regarding the property assessments or another parts of the community – “take part”. If you have an issue with something, we as individuals need to step up. This does not mean show up at one meeting and rant, it means know what’s going on a regular basis – what are the issues as a whole.

Next, I was surprised at the small-mindedness of many who don’t understand the point of the equalization property assessments. The point of the assessments were because every property value was based on nothing; come on! It came out of thin air back in the day and we’ve lived with it since. If the assessments were done properly – now everyone’s property should have some ground work as to why their property is valued as such. It makes me almost laugh how it was ok when their assessments were equivalent to properties a quarter of theirs. The people that I have not heard from are those whose properties went down in value. If taxes are what you are concerned about, what about those who have been over paying because their values were over-categorized. Property values in Rugby have risen over the years, that’s the bottom line. Having an interest in real estate, I’m constantly keeping up what’s going up on the markets, just out of curiosity. It’s nice to know when something goes up and you know someone might be interested to pass it on or when someone new moves to town – pass it on! Except one problem: The current market has homes that are priced low, but need reconstruction, if not full remodels; or just the opposite, high end homes that the average person can’t afford. With the new assessments, people claim that there property isn’t valued that high, but yet they’d never put it on the market for less. Why? Because that’s what it’s truly worth! And if it’s in the middle area… it’s going to sell! FAST!

I want to give a shout out to Kelsey Siegler, our county tax director. Thank you for updating our property records to be more up-to-date and accurate. It’s going to take time to get it all done and you can never please everybody.

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