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Here Comes The…

By Staff | Mar 25, 2016

“I knew living in a small town that word travels quickly, but I learned it first hand how fast news really travels!” —Ashley Burkhartsmeier

I knew living in a small town that word travels quickly, but I learned it first hand how fast news really travels! I am so grateful for life. I never knew in a million years that moving back to Rugby would be as blissful as it has been. For starters I have always enjoyed the newspaper industry, but never did I imagine to be fortunate enough to be the general manager at the Pierce County Tribune.

While researching different articles or looking at past ads, the archives suck me in. As I read the stories and learn more of Rugby or laugh at the in compliance of different committees and agendas, I am compelled to keep flipping. Before I know it an hour has passed and I have to tear myself away.

Two items that caught my eye, one the “New to Town” it was a small announcement how “Mr. and Mrs. So and So” moved to town, often stating where they moved from, their occupation and what church they will now belong to. How sweet and interesting. In today’s day and age, we could never do that. Yes maybe if the new person or couple came in with the information, we could put it in the paper, but otherwise, we’d get the whole, “it’s nobody’s business” or feel judged if they do or do not attend a church. Interesting how things change.

The second item that caught my eye was the wedding announcements – most often they were published after the wedding, allowing a large image from the bride and groom to be included. It would state who the bride’s and groom’s parents were but then it would go into great detail about the bride’s dress to the isles of the church. One could read them feeling as though they were there and took part.

A wedding announcement may have gone like this: Ashley Burkhartsmeier, the daughter of Greg and Deb Mack of Rugby, became the bride of Joel Berg, son of Rodney and the late Jeanne Berg of Rugby, in a ceremony performed at the Rugby Court House on March 18th.

Clerk of Court Karin Fritel officiated the 5 pm. ceremony. Jennifer Zachmeier was the photographer.

The bride styled with a cream sweater and three quarter sleeves, accented with floral lace appliqued to the front. Her jeans hung to her ankles to find a pair of crystal accent heels. Three roses were held by the bride, representing the three new men in her life.

The bride’s mother stood by her side while the groom’s father stood by his, both to later sign the marriage license to act as witnesses to the joyous occasion. Also in attendance wer the bride’s father Greg Mack, along with the groom’s sons, Devon and Joey Berg.

A reception dinner followed at Dakota Farms, followed by impromptu toasts at the Rugby Eagles Club with a few friends that decided it was necessary to celebrate.

If you have not figured it out yet, this was not an example, but what took place last Friday!

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