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Say You’re Sorry

By Staff | Feb 26, 2016

Why is it that many people say, “I’m sorry” all the time? I catch myself doing it from time to time, throughout the day. And I hear it from others constantly. It almost seems to be the new norm to be accepted.

What are our brains telling us by constantly saying “sorry”. I don’t necessarily mean it to come out or realize it. Are we subconsciously constantly placing blame on ourselves just so we don’t have to deal with confrontation? You know what I’m talking about, you say something and someone gives you a funny look, you immediately blurt out, “I’m sorry.” How about when someone else is the one in the wrong, they cut you off in the hall, you grab for something at the grocery at the same time, you say “I’m sorry!”

Perhaps you are like me and like to poke fun or tickle your loved ones! And when he or she is thinking it’s not funny anymore (they give you that look of, that’s enough!) or they are about to pee their pants from being tickled, you give and say, “Sorry.” I’m not really sorry, I’m still usually laughing while saying it! Or when someone trips, your reaction is to laugh, followed by – you guessed it, “sorry.” I think, I’m going to blame it on when we were little, we were constantly told to say you’re sorry.

Don’t get me wrong, when I screw up, I’m the first one to admit it. I’d rather be straight out with it and get it over with. At the same time still, I hate calling a customer saying, “I’m sorry.” However it must be done and corrected. If I missed an ad and it’s completely my fault. The week got busy, I’m human – step up apologize and figure out a solution that both parties can work under. However, saying I’m sorry in a more personal relationship (husband, parent, sibling, etc) now that can be more tricky!

Why is saying “I’m sorry”, when you mean it harder to say when we are constantly saying it thru the day? Seems odd, doesn’t it!? How can it be so difficult to say three little words, “I am sorry?” Everyone feels better when it comes out and all is said and done, however more people struggle with it then not. One, we all hate to be wrong and usually if you are having to say sorry, you did something wrong! I love the quick, “I’m sorry.” What? what did you say? That’s usually the, I don’t want to admit it that I was in the wrong. Or there is the complete opposite, I’m going to ignore the situation. Honestly, yes sometimes everyone needs to just walk away from the situation gather their thoughts and emotions. However, if you’re too proud to be sorry or can’t acknowledge you were wrong is simply sad – and you’re just going to lose respect in the end.

Stop and think about it. Nobody is perfect and everyone has character flaws but how we deal with the situation can make all the difference in your own life and someone else’s. So do what you have to – laugh thru it, cry thru it, stumble thru it, just get thru it!

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