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Let’s Stay In Touch

By Staff | Jan 15, 2016

What happened to the good old written-by-hand postal letter, like we used to get in the old days?

I’m talking the friendly fun letters that kept you informed of what was going on in someone’s world. The letters that started with, “Hey Old Friend,” or “Hi Sister”. Then always led to, “I miss you”, or “it’s been too long” They go into how the kids are doing, maybe a comment how work was going, good or bad. Or the, “Hey, you’ll never guess who I ran into” comments and go into detail how that person and family is doing. Those are the letters that I miss. They didn’t have to have money in them, it was just fun to get a card or letter in the mail, truly saying without saying, “I was thinking of you.”

Now all I seem to get in my mailbox is credit cards saying they have the best offer. How if I buy a new car I can receive a low APR – I don’t want a new car, nor do I want to put it on a credit card! Eeek! I love when they start out saying they appreciate me – you don’t know me and I have done nothing for you, hmm. interesting! I actually do things for some people and sometimes wonder if they even care, but someone sending me mail, appreciates me! Ok, we’ll go with that! Actually the other day, I received one that said, thank you for your donation – that one I actually need to look into – I don’t’ remember donating to unsaid organization. I get junk magazines that I never signed up for but somehow they have my name on them. (Odd).

I miss those personal letters out of the blue that I miss. I’ve traveled a lot and the great and worst part is you make friends everywhere you go and then you have to say, “Goodbye.” We all say, “Let’s stay in touch” but we rarely do. At least not nearly as much as we think we will as we say it. I admit, I don’t send nearly enough letters. I try to send my nephews cards and books on holidays – the typical non gift giving holidays, St Patty’s Day, Fourth of July, Back to School, Halloween. It’s funny how quickly they sneak up on you! But the Post Office is always good to me when I come with books, no envelope and I find what I need all at the post office to get them shipped off!

I can remember my Grandma Burkhartsmeier (Marie) would sit down on Sunday afternoons and whip out 3-8 page letters and send to her sisters and other relatives and friends. Of course, just the same came from the other side, which why getting the mail was so fun! (That and of course, Mondays when the paper would come, hehe!) My sister and I would send letters back and forth all thru college and years after. Sometimes they’d be cards from the 99 section, or they’d be written on a legal pad during a lecture or class that didn’t keep our interest. Yes, I still have a number of them and they still make me smile, laugh and sometimes even cry reading them.

I suppose we don’t write letters because the phone is handy but not only that, you can send a quick text, Facebook, email but when was the last time you got one of those that was just to say hi and reflect on some old memory. Those are worth so much more then a text.

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