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The Enemy is Amongst Us

By Staff | Nov 20, 2015

Last week our President said ISIS is shrinking and thus their threat to the United States is diminished. Then this same shrinking Islamic Extremist Terrorist group attacks Paris and the aftermath is unconscionable.

How does this affect us here? There are many that think it will come here also and they are not only willing to, but desirous of, freely shredding the Constitution for the sake of a perceived safety. We need to look within ourselves and see why threats like this can percolate from our own soil.

There is a stream of thought that continues to dilute what we stand for in America. We are negligent in telling our young people what this great country of ours really stands for. How America is the beacon (or should be) for exceptionalism. How we rose as a nation, founded by men who believed in a Judeo-Christian philosophy that gave us a reason to rise above the common European rabble of the day. They believed that there should be freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. They also created the Constitution of the United States to define these rights and protect them from all powers, foreign and domestic. The dilution of these rights, the lack of a positive spirituality, denying the greatness of who we were and how we were built, is a bigger threat than ISIS could ever become.

That all sounds dry. But look at what is happening on the American college campuses today. A place where there should be free thought, with open ideas, and the common ground of intellectual awareness has become a putrid bastion of political correctness that diminishes not only what we can be, but what we were, and the rights that so many brave men and women fought and died for.

You have groups like ‘Black Lives Matters’ protesting, which is their right and God Bless America that it is, on college campuses. Not with the purpose of holding rationale debate or shared ideas of differing philosophies, but to hold hostage the freedom to speak against them. How do our leaders react? They capitulate to a mob mentality not based on reason or intellect, but as a continuous and non-ending apologetic gesture. And why? Because our founding fathers were men, and as men were flawed, and thus made mistakes in judgment but was considered equitable in the time they lived. And instead of looking at our history and these great men through the prism of the realities of the time they lived, they utilize the warped 20/20 vision of hindsight that holds our country in contempt and has turned some blind to America’s greatness. This warped sense of understanding of our country has festered an unhealthy and undeserved hate that has perpetuated some of the world events we are experiencing.

It seems more and more our youth are brought up at home in and our schools without the meaning of America was and should be. Lacking is the understanding of that special sauce that has always made up of what we were in the past and has kept us together. Our youth don’t seem to be aware of American exceptionalism or taught the very basics of what America was, how it was founded and how it became the greatest nation on earth. We do not teach this because we are afraid of offending someone or some culture, and that has weakened our resolve.

In Europe, the French and the British are so beautifully sophisticated and laid back. They consider patriotism mildly embarrassing and something grandpa did. They moved beyond values and this wonderful belief that your country and its standards matter. The problem is you will pay a price, which they are doing now, or will lose it when you are not protective of it, and America is not far behind.

The United States has been so welcoming to immigrants since WWII who have been drawn here to our standard of living. The issue is, we allow them to take from us and never ask anything in return. We have been amiss in incorporating our values of free expression, religious pluralism and assimilation to our culture to the immigrants who we graciously accepted in our country. Is assimilation too large a price to pay for all that America has to offer? Unfortunately, we are no longer the melting-pot that made us great, but have become a tossed salad whose leaves are wilting and diminishing the greatness that attracted the world.

The threat today may be ISIS, but it has been brought to bare by an ever-growing American population that denies who we are, apologizes for what we have been and continues to dilute our greatness by ill-advised policies of immigration, spirituality, regulations and unconstitutional acts of law.

The long-term threat of America is Americans themselves who choose to teach in homes and in schools that it is better to be loved than respected, who look at our past with jaded vision, and who teach that we should alter the beliefs and values of our country rather than make someone assimilate to the values that once made America great.

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