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The Difference Between A Businessman and A Politician

By Staff | Aug 7, 2015

This is no way an endorsement of Donald Trump, who is vying for the Republican presidential nomination. I have never been a fan, never watched his show and though I read his book, it seemed a little selfserving, though I do respect his success.

But after his tussle this time with another contender for the Republican nomination, Lindsay Graham, I do have to admit he does have me thinking. This latest foray into tic-for-tack campaigning truly showed the difference between a businessman and a politician. For me it was a laugh out loud moment when Trump gave out Graham’s phone number at a campaign rally as retaliation for Graham directing disparaging remarks towards Trump. Graham received so many phone calls to that number he felt he had no other choice but to get rid of his number and destroy his phone, which he did publically by producing a video showing him destroying cellphones through various methods.

This week Gawker took up the gauntlet on Graham’s behalf and published one of Trump’s cell phone numbers. As he has proved in the past, Trump is very adept at not wasting an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. It is not just Trump, but any successful businessperson. It is in their DNA; that is how they survive an ever-changing marketplace, and Trump is no different.

After his campaign downplayed the release of Trump’s number, saying the candidate had “several cellphone numbers,” the Trump turned the stunt into an opportunity. Trump himself tweeted out his cell phone number for supporters to call. What they received when they made that call was a message from the “Donald” himself promoting himself and his run for the presidency. He didn’t throw away the phone, and buy a new one; he found a positive use for it and it is serving him well.

There lies the difference. A politician’s mentality: throw it way and just buy a new one. It doesn’t matter, it is only money. Successful businesspersons understand the value of money and find another use for a compromised item.

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