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A new member to the family

By Staff | Sep 6, 2013

As of this week, I’ve officially added one new member to my family.

No, I haven’t become become a baby-daddy, as the kids say. But my sister was married over the past weekend, and I’ve added a new brother-in-law.

A marriage is an exciting time for any family, and I think I speak for the entire clan when I say that we are delighted to welcome my sister’s freshly minted husband to our family.

For the most part, the wedding went off without a hitch. But there was some concern leading up to the wedding.

At the last family wedding, my cousin Meaghan’s nuptials in Illinois last summer, I only took half of my suit and ended up wearing a black suit coat and black shorts.

I thought it was pretty fashionable and I actually received more than a couple compliments. For those of you familiar with the rock band AC/DC, it was a little like the jacket/shorts schoolboy suit guitarist Angus Young became famous for donning.

It might have been considered the mullet version of the suit. Instead of business on top and party in the back, the outfit was business on top and party on the bottom.

Regardless, my mother was not impressed and early this spring (or maybe even last last winter) was planting the seed in my brain that I’d need a new suit, complete with pants for this affair.

Weeks and months passed and I still didn’t have a new suit.

The weekend before the wedding I made a quick trip to Minot and wasn’t able to find anything.

I’m a bit of a tough size to fit when it comes to buying off the rack. So the concern grew as the wedding day drew closer and I still didn’t have a suit. Of course, I had a couple of suits that I’d worn in the past.

One was a nice brown number I bought when I was in a friend’s wedding and of course, the black suit which I’d worn half of to the Illinois wedding (I did have the pants as well).

But I wanted a new suit, preferably something that would be more appropriate for the summer.

Since I needed to drive to Fargo before the wedding, which was being held in Grand Forks, I was confident I could find something new.

Chuck Repnow recommended checking out the Dakota Boys Ranch Second Chance Store in Devils Lake. He said they had a pretty good selection of suits, even some in larger men’s sizes.

I stopped in and sure enough, I found not only a nice gray western suit, but another tan jacket for the low, low bargain basement price of $25.

That allowed me to use the rest of my suit budget to buy a brand new shirt and boots to complete the outfit.

I couldn’t have been more pleased and I think my poor mother was even more relieved. So in the end, it suited everyone just fine.

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