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By Staff | Jul 30, 2012

Rugby is one step closer to very needed housing.

Most everyone in this rural community knows how hard it is to find housing in Rugby, and it has been for two to three years. It makes a person wonder how many people and/or businesses would have moved here in that time, if there had been housing available.

But we can’t go back. We can’t coulda, shoulda or woulda, we have to move forward. Soon we will get housing in place and hopefully be able to attract new families and businesses. It’s a great town in which to live and work.

Brenda Foster, director, Job Development Authority (JDA) has done an outstanding job for the past couple of years working behind the scenes. She leads the way while making the necessary contacts and moving the process forward.

First a feasibility study was done to determine what type of housing to invest in for the future of this community.

Then the results were analyzed and presented in a public meeting. This gave the JDA a direction to take, and with the city’s approval, they purchased land for a new development.

They purchased what is now called the Chalmers Addition to the City of Rugby.

The JDA has scheduled a public open house on Monday, July 30 from 3 – 8 p.m. at the Otter Tail meeting room. Dean Dovolis, Principle Architecture Inc. and Annabelle Homes, will be showing what they can do to build a housing development in Rugby. A front page story in today’s issue gives the details.

Foster does her homework. She, her board members and some city council members, toured homes that Annabelle Homes built in some nearby communities. Foster’s opinion is they appear to be good solid homes.

If 20 people sign up to build homes, the city could approve the use of Annabelle Homes and they will be able to start building soon. Annabelle Homes would work with local builders, sell the lots, and oversee the project.

Come out and see what Annabelle Homes has to offer and if you like what you see, encourage your representatives on the city council to move forward with the housing project.

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