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Meet in the middle on fireworks

By Staff | Jun 24, 2010

Soon our nation will celebrate its birthday, and the sounds of that celebration will include fireworks.

For some residents, they are noisy, dangerous and messy while others believe they go hand-in-hand with the Fourth of July.

And this time of year can sometimes divide the town into two camps. Those who love ’em and those who hate ’em.

Actually, most residents are tolerant when it comes to fireworks, understanding they are allowed for just a few days out of the year and most people do set them off responsibly and with consideration of other people in mind.

Compromise is key when traversing through a touchy subject such as fireworks in the city limits.

Here are a few things to consider:

-It’s just a few days a year that fireworks are permitted to be set off.

-Fireworks are a beautiful spectacle when set off responsibly.

-If the noise is bothersome, close your windows, retreat to the basement, or go for a short drive.

-Your neighbors have to get up for work, too, so don’t set off fireworks past 11 p.m.

-After setting off fireworks, be a good neighbor and pick up the debris left in streets or that lands in your neighbor’s yard.

-Never allow children to set off fireworks without adult supervision, as that can be distressing to neighbors watching close by.

-Fireworks are a potential fire hazard, so set them off away from buildings or low-hanging trees.

Most people will tolerate a little noise caused by fireworks this time of year, provided those setting them off use common sense.

That’s not too much to ask, and would ensure those who enjoy their peace and quiet and those who enjoy their fireworks can meet somewhere in the middle.

The Four of July is supposed to be a festive time – a time of community and family celebrations – and fireworks should be part of it.

It takes some give and take on everyone’s part to meet in the middle.

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