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Give to the Haitian relief effort

By Staff | Jan 22, 2010

Imagine if in one short day your loved ones were dead, your home was destroyed and there was little food or supplies to share among the masses.

Your life was in utter chaos.

That’s the unfortunate situation thousands of Haitians are experiencing right now following the devastating earthquake that shook the Caribbean country recently.

Tens of thousands are dead and the number continues to rise each day. Thousands more are critically injured and need medical assistance. Children are left orphaned and forced to fend for themselves in the streets. And civil unrest has taken grip due to limited food, supplies, and lack of a police force.

The U.S. and many countries around the world have quickly responded, bringing supplies and medical teams and military to provide security. Relief organizations such as the Red Cross have also been quick to respond by bringing volunteers and supplies.

And, as was the case five years ago following the tsunami in southeast Asia that killed thousands of people and flattened villages in its path, millions worldwide have been touched by this tragedy and have given generously in the wake of this natural disaster.

It’s difficult to see the graphic images from news reports and not be touched.

Dead bodies in a pile of rubble; crying infants with burns and cuts across their body and in dire need of medical attention; no running water or working sewer systems; and people fighting in the streets over short supplies of food.

Hope is all the Haitian people have to cling to right now. Hope that people of the world will come to their aid.

If you haven’t given to the relief effort in Haiti, strongly consider doing so. It’s our obligation to help our fellow man.

A small donation may seem insignificant, but every little bit helps. And more importantly, is needed.

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