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Road trip and appreciating America

By Staff | Aug 1, 2020

My wife and I are not big travelers. We admit we are basically “homebodies.” But recently we took a quick 600-mile trip down to northwest Iowa to help with some family business. We traveled through North Dakota, South Dakota, the southwest corner of Minnesota and then into Iowa.

On the trip down and back we traveled through mostly rural areas, including small cities and communities. As we traveled, I was not only struck by the beauty of the landscape, but also by the many expressions of patriotism I observed on the farms and communities we passed through. I saw many U.S. flags flying, patriotic signs, and numerous military and veterans’ memorials.

As I observed these patriotic symbols, beautiful farms and homes, and the vast beauty of the landscape, I once again was reminded how fortunate I was to live in this country we call the United States of America. I saw only a small portion of the U.S.A. on this trip, but it was enough to again renew my appreciation of this great land of ours.

No doubt there are many areas in our country that are not so beautiful. There are places in decline and citizens that live in poverty and poor conditions. But when compared to many countries throughout the world, overall, we are very fortunate. The number of patriotic symbols I saw supported my thoughts that I believe the vast majority of Americans must feel the same way about our country.

It is easy today to get distracted about the things that are wrong with America. Let us make it our resolve to do what we can to make it better. I hope we can always find ways to overcome the negativity, the doom-and-gloom attitude and see things in a different and more positive light. Even with our present-day problems, I would guess the majority of our citizens who are down on our country would not choose to live somewhere else. When we think about the freedom and rights we have here in the United States, and the opportunities that can be achieved through hard work, why would we desire to live in another country?

When, again, I think about all the patriotic symbols I saw, it reinforces my belief that the majority of our citizens love this country as well. And, through this outward expression, they are indirectly also demonstrating their support for what our veterans have done and earned for us. Because of their sacrifices and service, we can say we live in the greatest country in the world. The flying of our U.S. flag, the veterans’ memorials, and other patriotic symbols have a special meaning to all who have served.

So, I encourage all of you to find ways to express your love, patriotism, and support for our country, and for our veterans who helped make our country great. This land is a gift from our Creator. Let us take care of it and each other in a way that expresses our humble gratitude and in a way that brings further glory and honor to His kingdom here on earth.

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