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LET’S COOK: Passport plum and oranges

By Staff | Jul 20, 2018

For me, life has always been about finding more time to travel. It could be a trip to Columbus, North Dakota, a train ride to Western Montana, or a weekend at Nantucket. It is really about the adventure that each mini or extended journey can bring. Recently I had the blessed opportunity to travel to Spain with the Heritage Singers from Minot.

Our travel group consisted of nearly 100 people with a combination of Heritage Singers and their spouses, family members, and friends. Our winged trip started at the Minot Airport with an early morning departure of 6 a.m. on June 9. I glided through security with my blue and white seersucker sport coat only to have to disrobe this jacket to reveal its yellow traveling partner-a thin summer knit vest. In a time period where folks often dress down to travel, because of security checks and comfort, I simply do the opposite. I figure once they spot the many layers I am wearing, they know by the time I have removed the layers their sideburns would have grown another inch.

Speaking of fashion layers, the flight attendants on this trip had many! I am going to list a few that I took note in my travel journal. I am a bit of fanatic when it comes to the history of aerospace, the design of planes, and the fashion statements made with airline uniforms. See what reading those books on Amelia Earhart stirred up in me! As we took to the sky from Atlanta, our flight attendants were sporting a new look as we soared to Madrid, Spain.

Recently, fashion designer Zac Posen and Delta selected some impressive breathable fabrics, colors styles, and more. Are you still with me and noting that fashion finesse with passengers and the airline crew can be an interesting visual lift off?

When you think of Delta Airlines, there are some iconic pieces of clothing that certainly make a lasting impression. The Delta red coats which have been around since the 1960’s, remain in this new collections and rightfully so, after all, they have become a classic like Chanel. Now to spruce up their image many new accessories were added that blend well with these classic red coats. Delta’s brand colors are red and blue, but hang on to your hat because they forged ahead with a new color that will be in combination with the red and blue. Guess what they named this impressive color? Passport Plum! Now who wouldn’t love that?

As traveled I had the opportunity to visit with the flight crew about their new look. I learned that Delta made a great effort to include employees in the decision making. Designer Zac Posen actually spent time in all the departments of the airline listening to employees and also noting their tasks before he set down to create new fashions-not only for the flight crew, but baggage handlers as well.

This fashion runway even gets better as a member of our flight crew informed me that Lands’ End created uniform prototypes for 1,000 Delta employees to test for three months before finally landing on a final decision. Many Delta employees were consulted over this process and that has greatly added to the success of their fashion forward statement.

Now sitting in the back of the airplane has advantages as I had plenty of time to visit with the crew about their new attire. Many folks took to sleeping on this long flight, but not me. When there is talk about colors, fabric and travel, I am all ears!

Around midnight I was clued into the last step of the uniform victory and the details of this had me wide awake. Each of the 60,000 Delta employees receiving new uniforms had the option of having a 45-minute session, ensuring that they ordered the correct size and fit, as well as any desired accessories. How impressive!

I have to tell you that there were many combinations of these uniform styles on our flight and all looked nicely tailored. I was informed that shoes and compression hosiery were also a big part of the new uniform revamp. When we boarded the plane, I noted female flight crew sported stylish pumps, and once we were in flight they ditched those heels for comfortable flats as they gave excellent service to us. What is there not to love about this functional fashion statement?

Delta’s motto which was played many times over on the flight is “Keep Climbing” and they certainly have when it came to creating comfortable and stylish uniforms for all their employees.

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