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Reporter’s Notebook: The Corrigidor

By Staff | May 11, 2018

It was a very warm Thursday afternoon when I headed out to Wolford to the Corrigidor Bar, with Toby riding shotgun on the passenger’s side. That’s my little black and white spotted dog in case you didn’t know. He accompanies me on my exploration of these great North Dakota Plains.

The Corrigidor is known as one of the best places to eat in Pierce County, so I went to investigate the truth. I got there about one o’ clock, not early for lunch but thought I might catch some of the locals, as I did when I went to the Balta Bar and Grill couple of weeks back.

Walking into the Corrigidor was a little different than I expected Thursday. For one thing, I couldn’t see-it was quite dark in there, but I did walk in from direct sunshine. It’s big and open and spacious and the bar is on the east end. A grill was right in front of me on the north wall, and it was sizzling with hamburgers that filled the entire room with outdoor BBQ memories. I was greeted by the friendly and talkative Julie, the bartender and cook that day.

The bar seating itself was much different than down south. This isle of seats was filled with ladies at the bar eating. I quickly snapped out my camera and took a shot with Julie and the ladies before anyone shouted “no pictures, what happens here, stays here” which is what happened in Balta. This group was eager to talk, and find out when we were going to start covering Wolford. I said, we have been, do you read the paper? Nope, they hadn’t read the paper in a year. I explained to them we are now covering all of Pierce County, not just Rugby.

The food was out in less than ten minutes. I had a fresh bun; the cheese was real cheese (I thank you for no plastic wrapper); and the hamburger was not overcooked, but not pink either. The beef was delicious. I have to say that North Dakota definitely shines in the beef department. My lunch came with fresh french fries which were very hot (we won’t show my doctor I ate fries) and they have a long row of condiments to choose from which were also crisp and green lettuce (no romaine which is good right now with the ecoli outbreak), and the tomatoes were big and juicy sliced just right.

The ladies, myself and the bartender all wound up having a good long discussion about a lot of things including the fact we were all involved in some shape and form in the cancer world. Little inside joke to that one, the ladies will understand. We had a great discussion, founded some strange friendships over local north county gossip, and I learned more about my own family than I should ever know. Of course, what ‘s said in north county stays in north county, just like the south county folks.

Julie explained that customers come from all over the country to eat their famous steaks. One night last summer the guests number over 100 in the bar with people flying in for a get together. That seemed hard to believe the number, but on Monday night the place was packed. Local banker Craig Johnson is known to bring his bank executives all the way from Rugby for this delicious food. You can identify them by their suits. No one else here wears a suit. It’s come as you are, be as you may.

On Monday nights at the Corrigidor, they have a full meal with mashed potatoes and beef something, with all the trimmings. Tuesday night is Taco Tuesday. Wednesday is make it up night, which means I guess they make it up from what they have. Thursday is Burger night, and Friday and Saturday are the infamous steak nights.

As far as cost goes, this bar and grill is rated I think not expensive, for what you get. My hamburger and soda were $6.00. I felt guilty so I left her a nice tip. That was very reasonable for the quantity and quality that I was served. Overall, I rate the Corrigidor a place to return to! It’s amazing what the fields of North Dakota hold along with soybeans and wheat.

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