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LET’S COOK: Ready for a royal wedding

By Staff | May 11, 2018

Are you ready to attend the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on May 19, 2018? It has been a topic of discussion in our home with Lydia, “the Wedding Planner,” ready to check out all the particulars. Seven years ago when Prince William married Catherine Middleton on April 29, Lydia made notes of her favorite things about their wedding. Rating at the very top was Kate’s dress. Miss Lydia described as “beautiful, and oh my the lace.”

There is something wonderful about a royal wedding that stirs an interest and optimism in many worldwide. For example, how many of you in 1981 awoke early to view the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana? The nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan will again have many eyes upon them -i ncluding three in the Repnow home.

Several years ago, I was a host for a tour to London that Satrom Travel offered to customers. When we worked at setting the details of the tour, I can recall requesting that we spend a day at Windsor Castle. The recommended time was three hours, but once I learned that the castle featured a China Museum and a China Corridor, I knew it would be an all-day adventure.

Some gents have a great collection of fishing rods and tackle, others cars, and yours truly a fine collection of china. We never know the influence parents have upon their children, and with my parents as collectors of glass and china, I have merely followed suit.

I am sure they will not be featuring the china museum or the china corridor on May 19, so allow me to tell you a little bit about my day at Windsor Castle. It is located about 25 miles from central London and it is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. 484,000 square feet make up the footprint of the castle in which 268 tennis courts could fit. So you can see they have a lot room for china and more! The Queen spends most of her private weekends at the Castle, and it is regularly used for ceremonial and State occasions. It has been a residence and fortress for almost 950 years built in the 11th century after the Norman of England by William the Conqueror.

When we traveled to Windsor it was a beautiful fall day perfect for spending the day at this wonderful place. I will not go into details about the castle other than my traveling partners and I immediately headed to see St. George’s Chapel featuring a stunning Gothic-style. While we were there, we had the honor of not only spending plenty of time in this beautiful chapel which featured fan vaulting, but we heard some lovely music as well.

Spending the day here was surely a wise choice and taking time to view the china displays which featured some of the finest Minton, Staffordshire, Chelsea along with Wedgewood pieces was a highlight. Another grand display that captured much interest of fellow travels was the dollhouse built for Queen Mary, who was the grandmother of the current Queen Elizabeth. It was crafted by one of the leading British architects of the time, Edwin Lutyens and was built in the early 1920s as a gift to the British people.

Running water, a lift, mini bottles filled with real wine and beer, along with period pieces of furniture complete this 5 foot dollhouse. Thousands of other details have your eyes dancing. It is a work of art that can engage your interest for hours.

On November 20, 1992 there was a terrible fire at Windsor Castle caused when a spotlight pressed up against a curtain. The castle suffered extensive damage. The blessing of this fire was that construction was being done in the castle so many pieces of art, furniture and so forth had already been moved. It took five years to complete the renovation and on November 20, 1997, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip held a ball to mark their 50th wedding anniversary and officially reopen Windsor Castle.

Our tour guide pointed out to us that door knobs shaped like roses were damaged in the fire. These door knobs were a favorite of Queen Elizabeth and so recasting them was important. It was difficult to recreate them, but roses once again grace the doors.

Well, there you have a snippet of my day at Windsor Castle. We will all have a chance to see St. George’s Chapel on May 19 and I am sure many other details of the castle. The royal wedding will bring a sense of joy, happiness, grand hats, gloves, a grand carriage ride, beautiful flowers, stunning diamonds, an impressive wedding cake, and, of course, the dress!

We will enjoy a bit of cake in honor of the wedding. It will not be an organic lemon and elderflower wedding cake which is rumored to be, but rather a simple and quick version of petit fours.

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