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OMDAHL: Cheer up, Donald, Donna Brazile is here

By Staff | Nov 10, 2017

Reaching back into his political memory, the CNN moderator noted that Democrats have a way of shooting themselves in the feet when they are running ahead of the pack. It didn’t take long for his wisdom to become reality.

No one could be happier with the change in the political dialogue than Donald Trump who was being skewered by the press for his glib observations in midnight tweets. The relief expedition has arrived.

An interim chair of the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 campaign, Donna Brazile decided it was time to cash in on inside information about the Hilary Clinton takeover of the Democratic Party with a timely book published to garner the most sales. Even the Russians don’t have that much dirt.

Just when the political breezes were starting to lift their sails, the Democrats have started sinking their own boat with leftover anger from the 2016 election. They are groping in several directions.

Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!

One strain of Democrats is demanding that the President be impeached even though impeachable offenses have yet to appear. Many Republicans are sticking with the President and, in case Democrats haven’t noticed, Republicans have a firm grip on the impeachment process. Besides, Trump has been doing more for Democrats than they have been doing for themselves.

Reorganize the Party

Losers refuse to admit their message was wrong so they usually look elsewhere to explain their defeat. The unhappy liberals who missed the 2016 finals now want to reorganize the party by throwing the super delegates under the bus.

The super delegates are those in elective and leadership positions who get automatic seats in Democratic conventions. Most of them went to Hilary so something had to be wrong with the system.

The last time the Democrats reorganized the party was in the post-1968 period after Hubert Humphrey won the nomination over George McGovern and Eugene McCarthy. By this time, Hubert had become the establishment to oppose.

The Democrats abolished winner-take-all state delegations and created caucuses with proportionate representation. It wasn’t long until the various interest groups within the party learned to game the system and defeat the intent of the change.

In the following election, the new rules were applied and 1972 was a debacle.

Left! Left! Go Left!

Other Democrats believe that the party must move to the left if it wants to win elections in the future. This group needs to enroll in Political Parties 101 for the elementary facts about representative government.

When the mood of the country has moved to the right, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to rush to the left. It would be 1972 all over again. The winning strategy is to hog the middle where the voters are. Hilary won the popular vote by two million because she was close to the middle.

Unfortunately, both parties have a fringe of true believers who don’t act on the basis of reason but on emotion. For these folks, reason is a waste of time, like negotiating with North Korea. To change their opinions, we must undermine the function of their opinions with new stronger emotions.

Because most Republicans are more educated than most Democrats, they understand the importance of burying differences in crucial situations. So they stick with Trump even though they acknowledge privately that he is the worst president since Warren Harding. Democrats get into barroom brawls.

Replacing experienced super delegates with less knowledgeable delegates would guarantee an unwarranted shift to the left.

So, Democrats, it would be wise to stifle yourselves and watch out for your feet. It would be best to hold your fire for the time being.

Omdahl is a former lieutenant governor and former political science professor at UND.

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