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Davis: Pizza problems

By Staff | Sep 9, 2016

Last Sunday evening, my husband and I decided that we should order a pizza for supper. Of course it took a minimum of a twenty minute conversation to get to the point that we agreed on what we were going to have for supper. Deciding to have pizza is only half the battle when you live in a town with multiple pizza places, so then we had to decide which place we were going to order from and what we would have.

We live only a matter of feet away from one pizza place in town but they are kind of expensive so it is usually a “treat” when we order from there. Finally, after much discussion we chose a place to order from and I called the order in. While these conversations were going on, we were getting a good start on the seven inches of rain we got total on Sunday. It was really coming down outside when we left to go get the pizza we were looking forward to enjoying. We pick up the pizza and got drenched in the process. We get our supper home and into the house and grab some plates and get our drinks ready. When we open the box up we find a pizza, of sorts. It was so greasy it was literally drowning in grease. We called and told the company that we bought the pizza from that we would like a refund. We weren’t interested in getting another pizza because we were afraid that it would just happen again, so after a lengthy conversation we were supposed to get a refund for the pizza.

Now that we still have pizza on our minds, we decided to order from a smaller local company that has never failed us before. We ordered the pizza and once again set out in the pouring rain. By this point, the streets are starting to flood but we were bound and determined to get our pizza. We picked up our pizza with high hopes and headed back through the flooded streets toward home. Of course this pizza place is probably as far across Grand Forks that you can get. Our pizza makes it home safely and we open it and find a pizza that isn’t cooked thoroughly. The crust was almost cold still; it was barely cooked at all. So I get on the phone again and call this pizza place to see if they will make us a new one and they apologized for the under cooked pizza and will refund our entire amount and deliver us a new perfectly cooked pizza. We were getting very frustrated by this point so we decide to take the offer for the delivered pizza. About five minutes after hanging up with the local pizza company they called me back to tell me that they couldn’t deliver since we didn’t previously have the first pizza delivered.

So Tyler decided that he would make one more trip across town in this conquest for pizza. I had given up and was ready for a nice bowl of cereal. Tyler comes back with what is supposed to be the perfect pizza and yet again we were let down. This pizza was at least sort of cooked but still no where near where it should have been. We both gave up on the quest, Tyler had some toast and I had lost my desire to eat all together.

Later in the evening, Tyler thought we should go to get some ice cream, I was leary at first but decided there wasn’t any way our luck could get any worse. We got our ice cream treats and of course mine had stale pieces of brownie in it. I looked at my loving husband and told him that we should just go home climb into bed and not get out until the next day. Apparently this wasn’t our day and we should just give up, so we did just that. I can’t imagine that we will be ordering any pizza anytime soon but if we do we will be ordering from the place we live next to.

I know exactly what my Mom would say to me at this point, she would tell me that we should just stay home and eat instead and we wouldn’t have these problems. How is she always right? It’s amazing how Moms do that. Needless to say, there will not be any ordering of any pizzas at this house any time soon!

Davis (formerly Carlson) is the daughter of late Tribune editor and publisher Mark Carlson.

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