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Summer’s pretty much over

By Staff | Aug 26, 2016

Summer is winding down and children have started school, which is a sign of fall for most people. I have seen some pretty funny posts on Facebook with children in their new outfits heading out for the first day of school and their mother in the background jumping for joy! There are lots of parents that are sending their children to kindergarten or their first year of college and are struggling with the fact that their babies are growing up. I am not a parent yet, but I can’t imagine how hard it would be to send your little one out into the world by themselves. That has to be so scary!

Of course, it has been a few years since I started kindergarten, but my Mom tells me the story about my first day of kindergarten. I started school when I was actually only four years old. My birthday is always after school started, which makes me the second youngest person in our class. There was only one person younger than me and she is now the general manager of the Pierce County Tribune. My mom tells me that when I started kindergarten I was so determined to ride the bus on the first day of school that she finally gave in and told me I could. Of course my Mom was smart enough to call the bus driver the night before school started to let him know that I was determined to do this on my own and that she would follow the bus into town in case there was a problem or I got scared. Our farm is about eleven miles North of Rugby but there were other stops the bus had to make before we got to school so the ride was at least thirty minutes for me.

The first day of school came and I was so excited to ride the bus and determined to do this on my own. I climbed onto the bus when it pulled into the yard and I’m sure my Mom gave Darryl the bus driver a nod of acknowledgment. My Mom and my little brother drove to town and waited for bus number one to get to Ely Elementary. I don’t remember any of this, but my Mom always giggles at the story because I was so stubborn and determined at such a young age and nothing much has changed in the last thirty years. When the bus got to the school, I got off and somehow found my way to my classroom and started to unload my backpack and get my desk set up for the new adventure. I must have gotten to the school before my Mom and brother did because apparently my Mom came to find me and there I was gearing up for the day and apparently I glanced over at her and gave her a look like, “what the heck are you doing here, I got this Mom.” My poor mom, I can’t imagine how hard it would be to have a tiny four year old that was ready to take on the world but had so much to learn.

Of course today things are a little different than they used to be when I started school. Some of the teachers at Ely are now some of my friends and classmates! I know that most children dread going back to school and I was exactly the same as they are but now looking back I would give just about anything to have snack time and nap time during my day. I remember being in kindergarten and laying down for naptime and fighting the urge to sleep because it would make me look like a baby if I actually fell asleep. Today at almost 34 years old I would love to have one hour a day to take a nap. Unfortunately that isn’t how it works.

I hope that all the kids going back to school enjoy the time they have in grade school and high school. When your biggest problem is Algebra homework and who you are going to sit with at lunch, life is good. Don’t ever take the simplicity of life at that age for granted, enjoy it while you can. Don’t be in such a rush to grow up, growing up is fun but life gets a little more complicated than nap time and snacks in the afternoon. This little bit of advice goes to children of all ages whether they are going to kindergarten or college. You are never too old to need your parents help and advice. You might figure that out the first week or so of college. God bless all teachers; you have the future of our world in your hands every day, thank you for your patience and kindness. Good luck to all children/young adults/adults going back to school this fall, life is an adventure and getting an education is an essential part of that adventure. For all parents waving to their children as they head off to kindergarten or college don’t worry, you have taught them well and they will use everything you have taught them so far to make the best out of life.

Davis (formerly Carlson) is the daughter of late Tribune editor and publisher Mark Carlson.

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