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Let’s Cook: Happy Father’s Day

By Staff | Jun 17, 2016

Seeing the displays for Father’s Day cards triggers emotions, reflections, and certainly memories this year. I miss purchasing a card for my Dad this Father’s Day, and perhaps even more so, “the hunt” for that truly special card. Scouting for cards to me was like an avid hunter bagging the prized buck or a fisherman reeling in the catch of a lifetime. My favorite art for cards include painted-looking images with such elements as a table lamp with a clipper ship serving as its base, stacks of leather bound books, neckties with deep textures, and fisherman’s wicker creel. I will admit that I have selected cards first because of their visual appeal, and if meaningful script was lacking inside, I would sometime paste over those words with a blank piece of ivory linen card stock and write my own message! Daring–I know, but consider me a risk taker!

We gain many things from our spouse, and I learned quickly after our marriage that envelope selection for cards was also important-the envelope should match some of the tones of the card. I came to discover Jan’s stash of envelopes. Imelda Marcos has shoes in every color, so Jan has envelopes in every color. Besides, they certainly are a lot easier to store.

My mom enjoyed saving cards, as many do. Now I have the deluxe privilege of revisiting Father’s Day cards that I had sent to Dad and also cards that Mom sent to my dad. Recently I looked at a card she had sent my dad when they had become parents for the first time with the birth of Tom. She writes “You’re warm and kind, understanding and compassionate and Tommy and I consider ourselves lucky.” These cards are personal, and they reveal feelings shared between husband and wife. Now as vintage keepsakes, they echo not only their love but act of kindness and their dedication and respect for one another’s goals in life.

Here is a short list of things my dad taught me which come to mind as I recall him on Father’s Day. These memories and lessons he gave they will live a lifetime in my heart.

Have a fascination with work. Realize that work is going to be a huge part of your life.

Always know there is a direct relationship between your effort and the rewards you make.

Your creativity and diligence can benefit you in every situation and take time to be creative.

If you can be autonomous do it! There is nothing like being your own boss. Working hard, asserting yourself and use your mind and imagination will shape your future.

Treasure your family history

Marriage and parenting take time and sacrifice

Respect others and be understanding of the road they are traveling on

Plant a tree and a garden. Time spent here is relaxing and also benefit others

Never come to the table without washing your hands and combing your hair

Remember people liked to be called by their name and they enjoy a sense of humor

Take time to pray before meals

He was approachable for learning how to tie a necktie, or calm my fears and give me support.

My Dad had a deep love for his mother, and he talked about her often. We both had the honor of taking road trips with our mothers. When Dad finished electric school out west, his mother traveled by train to Washington and they drove back together. Dad enjoyed this and they took time to stop along the way and enjoy the journey. My travels with Mom were to the Twin Cities and the journey was not long. There were no statements “Are we there yet?” We simply treasure this private time of discussing home, family and faith.

On this Father’s Day, take time to think about the joys you have shared with your Dad and things you have in common. If you are blessed to still have your Dad, take time to mark that memory. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee in the field, fishing, or a good visit on the phone. Don’t wait and be caught with tears at his grave thinking “I wish I had.”

Being a dad to Lydia has given me many joys. On this Father’s Day, may she know that no gift is as important as the gift she daily gives to me with her smile and kindness. Her presence in our home whether we are playing badminton, watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island, talking about the adventures of Nancy Drew, or making homemade noodles brings me hope, peace and joy. I once again recount the faithfulness of God and the gifts He has given.

Happy Father’s Day to the gentlemen of this world!

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