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Sporadically Sara: So many changes

By Staff | May 20, 2016

In the last few weeks and in the weeks to come, we will have lots of changes at our house.

I have some plants in my house now that I am responsible for and this is not a strong suit for me. I am pretty sure I could kill a plastic plant. I have one plant that my Mom gave me and three plants from a friend; the plant from my Mom I have had for about a month now and it is actually doing really well. (Knock on wood.)

Another new project that we have started at our house is the growing of some grass in our backyard. I have never in my life planted grass. I guess when you grow up on a farm and you mow more than a few acres of land, you don’t usually PLANT grass. So apparently grass isn’t just a matter of putting down seed and watering it. We did just that and nothing has happened in the past two weeks. I don’t know if we need to put some special kind of fertilizer on it or what but what we are doing isn’t working.

This week I did something that was totally out of character for me, I bought makeup for myself! Our wedding is two weeks away and I am going to have some makeup on that day and get my hair done. The only problem is that I don’t own any makeup that isn’t from high school or even older. Tyler and I stood in the makeup isle at Target with wide eyes as to how many different kinds of mascara there are to pick from! Why in the world do we need 50 different choices to pick from? Don’t they really all do the same thing? I decided that I would just picked one that looked cool, so I did just that. I then had to find blush, I was told to get a light pink to go with my skin tone. This is when things got ugly. I couldn’t find anything that resembled blush but after some searching we found something that I think will work. I have gotten my makeup purchases ok’d by the girls I work with, so I should be good to go.

On May 5th the newest member of our family was born, we are getting a puppy! A friend of ours has a litter of 10 little pups and we decided it was time for our family to grow with the love of a puppy. We have been able to pick out what puppy we wanted from the litter and we chose a boy. Tyler picked our puppy and I think he did a great job! It is so hard to tell what a puppy will be like when they are only a week old, but ours is a little lover and likes to snuggle. We have named our puppy “Otto”. He will get to come home with us about two weeks after our wedding in June. The coolest thing about us getting this puppy is that we can go and visit them anytime we want to. It is nice to be able to build a relationship right away from birth. We have a huge kennel set up for Otto and he even has some toys to play with for when he comes home. We are so excited to have a pup running around our house! I am not particularly excited about the kennel training and the first week or two of sleepless nights but it will be worth it!

Of course our wedding is another thing that we have to look forward to in just a few days. We are not having a big wedding in any way, but there is still planning to be done and we are working on all of that. All I know is that I have a dress, blush and my mascara and at the end of the day I will be married to my best friend. I will spend the rest of my life next to an amazing man that for some crazy reason loves me very much.

We are really looking forward to all of the new things coming our way. Our hearts and our home will be full of love with all of these changes. If we can count on anything in this world it is that things are always changing. Learning to roll with the changes is the fun part of life and it can help build character.

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