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Let’s Cook: Split Pea and Rye Bread Unite

By Staff | Apr 15, 2016

It is amazing how many souls enjoy a noble-baked Easter ham where the skin is overdone, and where it holds a comparison to a veteran brick oven-charred, yet visible shades of pink are expressed. For some, the meal they truly desire comes from the remains of the ham feast. Folks dart to the store once they see the ham remnants. They want to marriage them with split peas, carrots, onions, and celery–including the leaves. Oh, the house is alive with excitement and wonder as the split pea soup cooks on the range.

Even when the “The Voice” is on TV, they forgo watching it because of the impact that split pea soup has on the American household. It would be simply impossible to prophesy the degree of enthusiasm with which split pea soup hails-not only its old friends, but countless new ones who are encouraged to try it. Realizing, of course, that the new friends may love to text, chat on Facebook, jive to the latest pop stars, or sport the latest fashion. Yep, Taylor Swift or Beyonc could be on the front doorstep or Prada jeans could be swinging from the front trees in the yard. Not a bit of interest would be shown towards these trends as their devotion remains to split pea soup. Split pea is an attractive bachelor, and no one knows this better than Swedish rye bread. Could there be a more perfect marriage?

Wow, that was a good dream! This past week I asked several folks what they thought of split pea soup. There were a number of followers who were older and enjoy the flavor. When I polled younger folks, they said “I can’t say that I have really had good split pea soup.” I can relate as this is one soup we did not make in our home; however, my folks liked it. It was not until I cooked at the VFW Club in Underwood that I experienced the preparation of the soup.

Last fall Jan came home with a fine pea-shaped soup tureen. It is a lovely vessel, and it has the shape of an inspiring Viking ship. She is decorated from stem to stern in creative detail. The lid reveals peas in a pod. The appearance of this specialty ewer adds a reverence for serving the split pea soup. Resting next to it is the Swedish rye bread waiting to make an impressive union. I invite you to try this combination. It is not only delicious, but most nutritious, as well. Don’t mention to Taylor Swift or Beyonc that they were mentioned in this marriage of split pea soup and Swedish rye bread-that would only leave them wondering why they were not asked to be bridesmaids.

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