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Sporadically Sara: Respect Your Elders

By Staff | Apr 8, 2016

Last weekend we went out to eat lunch after church, and while waiting our turn for a table we stood patiently with about 25 other people. This particular restaurant is very busy after church on Sundays and we were prepared to have to wait for a table. This restaurant is also very popular with older generations; we all did the awkward dance of trying to not be in the way of the people paying at the till and people coming in and out. People seemed to be moving in and out pretty quickly, so I was confident that we would get in fairly quickly. There were small groups of just two and large groups of up to 10 coming in and out.

While we were waiting, a large group of college-aged kids came into the restaurant, they put their name into the hostess and then all of a sudden another large group of people that were sitting on the waiting area chairs left. I was happy to see that large group get seated because that would free up plenty of seats for the older people that had been forced to stand and wait. In a plot twist, the large group of college age kids took a look around the room and they all sat down despite the fact that there were many other people that were there much longer than they had been there. I couldn’t believe this!

Why would these kids sit down after clearly seeing the many elderly people standing in the room waiting? Why wouldn’t they make sure to let the older people sit down? My mind was blown by what just happened and I looked at Tyler in shock and he gave me pretty much the same look. Who did these kids think they are? Why wouldn’t they have offered the seats to the people that were at least fifty years older than they were? I was so shocked that I was almost speechless, and if you know me at all that never happens. I wanted to go over and drag each and every one of those kids off the bench and let the older people have a seat. I leaned over to Tyler and told him that when we have kids they better not ever do anything like that or they would have to deal with me, he agreed completely.

The legs of these 19-year- old kids are much stronger than the legs of the people that are considered their elders. After 70 or 80 years on this earth, I think you have every right to sit down before a perfectly healthy 19- year-old. There are plenty of things that change when you get older and I think if you have survived our crazy world for that many years there are plenty of rights you should have over others. The older I get, the more I am more sensitive to helping my elders in any way that I can, but I hope that the younger generations out there pick up values somewhere. My face usually can tell you exactly how I feel, so I am sure these kids saw the look on my face and that I was disgusted with their choice that day.

I don’t know if they will ever know or care about what made me upset that day, but I know that this was a reminder to me to make sure to be kind to everyone. Be helpful to our elders and always offer help if you can. Someday I will be the one that would really appreciate a seat instead of having to stand therefore today I will do what I can for my elders.

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