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Sporadically Sara: Get the ‘H’ Outta Here

By Staff | Feb 26, 2016

I have written several columns about the little things that drive me crazy. Everyone has idiosyncrasies that keep them up at night. Simple, ordinary tasks are things that drive me crazy. How hard is it to place your tabs on your license plate correctly? Why is it so hard to throw your clothes in the hamper that is two feet away from where you threw your clothes on the floor? Why is it so hard to put a newspaper back together the way it came? I have no clue why things like this bother me but there is one thing that I can never get away from, and that is the spelling of my name!

I have one of the most simple, yet apparently very complicated, names to spell. When parents name their children they must go through agony. I am sure they search through books and family names trying to pick something they like and that they know won’t cause their child grief. I am sorry but if you chose to

name your child something such as “Harry”, your child is most certainly going to be picked on. Even with a simple name such as Sara, I have heard it all. “Sara, Sara bo berra, banana fana fo fera!” I think I have heard that song more than a few times in my 33 years!

I like my name, it is very simple! My last name is even more simple, Carlson. Who would ever think that I would spend my entire life spelling and correcting people on the spelling of my name! If my name was something like, “Olimpiada” I would be understanding of having to spell my name. My name is a very old name, it isn’t something new that just came out last year.

People always want to put an “h” on the end of my name! My response to that is that my name is not Sarahhhhhhh. My name is Sara! I know that Sara with an ‘h’ is more common than Sara without it but I had no idea this would be so complicated.

Once I get past my first name we move onto my last name. I have been asked if that is Carlson with an “o” or an “e”? Is that a “k” or a “c”? At this point I have to take a breather and try to stay calm. Carlson is about as common as Johnson; why do people struggle with this? I have gotten so used to having to spell my name out I think I could legally change my name to, “Sara with no H.”

I don’t even bother not clarifying that there is no “H” on my name anymore. Announcing the lack of “H” on my name has simply become part of my name. I wonder if that is an official name in baby books? Sara, Sarah and Sara with no H.

I will forever be spelling my name out for people, that has become blatently apparent. I have no idea why this bothers me so much, maybe because it is my name and I have had people that have known me since the day that I was born and still put that “H” on the end of my name! I am glad that some people ask about the “H”; they are concsious of making a mistake and ask before automatically ending my name with an “H.” Thank you to those of you that ask! My name has to be one of the most simple names ever given,

I can’t imagine what my life would be like if my name were “Xavier”! I pray for the people with complicated spellings!

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