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New Variety Releases for the Spring of 2016

By Staff | Feb 19, 2016

The following new NDAES developed varieties will be available for distribution to the County Seed Increase Program in the spring of 2016: New Conventional Soybean “ND Bison” – tested as exp. # ND09-5798

ND BISON (ND09-5798) is a conventional type that is not resistant to glyphosate. ND BISON is intended to replace ‘Sheyenne’. ND BISON matures one day earlier than Sheyenne and is similar in yield. ND BISON is tolerant of iron-deficiency chlorosis and is lodging resistant. ND Bison has performed well outside of the Red River Valley in North Dakota. ND Bison is resistant to races 3 and 4 of phytophthora root rot and also moderately resistant to Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN). ND BISON is superior to Sheyenne because Sheyenne is susceptible to Race 4 of phytophthora root rot and susceptible to SCN. ND BISON has performed very well in the multi-state Uniform Regional Test that also includes testing sites in southern Minnesota and Canada.

Foundation Seed of Innovation and Tradition Barley will also be available to the County Crop Improvement Seed Increase Program in the spring of 2016.

In addition South Dakota Experimental Station has released two HRSW verities: Boost and Surpass.

Boost (Tested as SD4299) is an F4 derived line selected from the population SD3900//FN1705-146/SD3851. SD3851 was released as ‘Brick’ in 2008. SD4299 is medium in height, has a fairly late heading date, good yield potential, average test weight, above average grain protein concentration, and high bread loaf volume. Its level of FHB resistance is in line with trial averages, though it has a high level of resistance to Bacterial leaf streak disease.

Surpass (tested as SD4383) is an F4 derived line selected from within the population SD4011/SD3942. SD4383 is fairly short in stature, has high yield potential and medium test weight as well as medium protein concentration. Its level of both FHB and BLS resistance are above average. One point to consider may be that its straw is weaker than optimal, however, lodging scores collected at harvest time show that it is not significantly weaker than many other well-accepted cultivars.

Minnesota Experimental Station has released Shelly HRSW variety.

Shelly (Tested as MN11325-7) is a high yielding spring wheat variety well suited for much of the spring wheat growing region. In state trials it has yielded equal to Faller and Prosper but with slightly better protein. The heading date of Shelly is similar to Faller. It possesses a good disease resistance package with moderate resistance to scab, leaf rust and bacterial leaf streak with an excellent rating for resistance to stripe and stem rust. Shelly is slightly shorter than Faller with similar straw strength. It has good test weight and pre-harvest sprouting resistance. Plant Variety Protection (PVP94) is pending, a research fee applies to this variety. Released by the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, a name will be announced shortly.

In order to request a new variety, the Pierce County Ag Improvement Association asks that you have successfully raised certified seed in the past five years or demonstrate that you have the capability of following and completing the certification process in order to qualify for increasing seed. The Pierce County Agriculture Improvement Association (PCAIA) Board of Directors reserves the right to choose or limit grower(s) of these varieties.

If you are interested in being considered as a seed increase grower, you must notify the Pierce County Extension office by Thursday, February 25th.

Genesis Barley Seed Available

The Pierce County Agriculture Improvement Association (PCAIA) has an adequate supply of Genesis barley available for distribution to commodity growers for the 2016 growing season.

The North Dakota Variety Trial Results for 2015 and Selection Guide can be accessed on the web at: www.ag.ndsu.edu/varietytrials or by picking up a copy at the Pierce County Extension office.

To request seed lots, contact the Pierce County Extension office at 776-6234 ext. 5.

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