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From the Vault

By Staff | Nov 6, 2015

August 4, 1966.

(Ed. Note: The following is taken from a recent column by John Andrist, editor-publisher of the Crosby Journal (N.D.). Mr. Andrist may be 100 percent right but is, of course, completely out of step with the times.)

What this country needs is some good old fashioned police brutality, we need it legalized, and we need it right away.

We need the kind of police authority that would permit a ruffian a good whip with a club, and with it we need police authority that would permit him to whip him again if he smarted off or cried “police brutality.”

We need the kind of police authority that would once again make a fellow quake just a little when he met a policeman in the street. In extreme cases, like the riots in Chicago, we should have the men in blue break up a crowd with a gunshot, or birdshot, or any other kind of shot that would stop the nonsense.

One daily newspaper reported two men dead and nine injured in the riots, and it went on to give details, you know, only one of the rioters was among the casualties. The rest were policemen, or innocent people picked off by some idiotic snipers.

We need the kind of police brutality that would permit the toughest kind of action in situations like this; the kind that would permit police to order everyone off the street and to do what is necessary to take the rest in- dead or alive.

Yes, we really need some police brutality and some country brutality, soon. This whole blooming country is like a family that has lost its parental discipline; our judges are the doting parents, and our police are the gum-chewing, teenage baby sitters who either aren’t watching the kids or else they are instructed by the daddy not to spank them.

Our crime rate is soaring because our courts have turned the country over to the social adjusters and the hoodlums and tied the hands of the policemen. How to get it back is the question.

– “‘Police Brutality’ A Crying Need, Crosby Editor Says”. Published by the Pierce County Tribune

Nov. 3, 2015.

It is obvious that Mr. Andrist had wanted officers to shut down the Chicago riots with force. It’s easy to see that he wanted someone to act like a parent and give the rioters a good spanking to shut them up. He made it sound like he thought that it is his way or the highway. It almost looks like he wanted police officers to get their hands dirty instead of his. It practically sounds like he and the British from the 1700s would have got along swimmingly when talking about their ideas on how to shut down opposing ideas.

The British had hated the idea of American revolutionists protesting in the streets, and they sent over soldiers to try and smother any ideas that went against their preset rules. The students Mr. Andrist was complaining about saw rioting as the best way to get their voices across. They could have had the option of trying to find a more peaceful way to protest, but they found copying tactics used by American Revolutionists to be the most effective.

It also looks like Mr. Andrist had forgotten his history and might have tried to smother their ideas instead of listen, and because of that he made himself take on the role of the British, and let the rioters take the role of the American Revolutionists.

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