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Omdahl: Cabbages, Kings, Nicknames, Heitkamps, Christians, Etc.

By Staff | Sep 25, 2015

As a University of North Dakota donor, I received notice that I am eligible to vote on the new nickname. I’m going to pass on this election and wait for the next nickname election with the hope that an independent may file.

So you were surprised that Senator Heidi Heitkamp passed up the opportunity to run for governor. Look at it from her point of view. There are easier things to do in life than spend four years fighting a veto-proof legislature and 12 other independent elected officials.

Fargo is still struggling with the long difficult process of getting flood protection. If Fargo waits long enough, the Red River channel will get deeper by itself and a dike won’t be necessary. Hey, don’t scoff! The Garrison Diversion project was so slow getting fresh water to Devils Lake that the lake got fresh by itself.

The Bakken region is experiencing quite a slowdown in oil activity. Last session, the Legislature gave oil companies a tax break, but things have gone so awry that maybe the oil companies will ask the next session to give back the Heritage Fund.

In the first decade of the new century, embezzlement seemed to be the crime of choice. In this decade, that has changed to sex e.g. two members of the Minnesota legislative ethics committee had to resign over unprotected sex unprotected in that they were easily spotted. They could have claimed that they were doing research but instead agreed that neither was qualified for the committee so they resigned.

We must do something to make college teaching more interesting for the faculty. Boredom has reached the limit when professors feel the only way they can get through the day is by coming to class smashed.

Trump claims that Obama isn’t a Christian. Donald’s comment affirms that he is a Christian because a prominent trademark of we Christians is that we love to be judgmental. However, we call it discernment. Judgment is a sin; discernment is a gift.

They keep arresting drug dealers bringing their wares into North Dakota. The charges must be trumped up because there can’t be any buyers here. All we have are law-abiding serious hard-working Germans and Scandinavians. It must be illegal immigrants.

But then this raises another question about who is doing all the binge drinking. For sure, we could use a little Islamic influence.

The Bison beat the Sioux. In frontier days, the bison never beat the Sioux. “Now that you have finished high school, are you taking that construction job with Engulf Pipeline?”

“No, I got a better job as a fullback at the University.”

According to the Forum News Service, around 1600 North Dakotans used the Ashley Madison adultery service. Is that the tip of the iceberg measuring marital happiness in North Dakota? It’s a new version of “don’t ask; don’t tell.” Now it’s “if you ask, some hacker will tell.”

Trump said to Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus that he would not to run as an independent and “you can take that to the bank.” Better hurry, Reince, because on your way to the bank he may declare political bankruptcy.

Commander Mark Hagerott, the new Chancellor of Higher Education, visited the state colleges on what he called a “Listen and Learn Tour.” In the military, that is called reconnaissance, an assessment of the strength of the enemy forces. And while he was traveling, he’s was looking for veterans with combat experience to fill the presidential vacancies at Dickinson and Grand Forks.

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