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From the Vault

By Staff | Sep 11, 2015

With each year, Rugby High School takes notes from past years of Homecoming and re-creates them, only making slight changes from the past. Looking at itineraries from the ’80s and ’90s there are only a few small changes here and there.

Each year we’ve started off Homecoming with electing our royalty. Then we get to choose our king and queen. This year we had the privilege of having Hunter Hager and Lauren Kraft as our monarchs. In 1989, we were able to have Betty Jane Bratten, Tara Kennedy, Pam Jundt, Daphne Klein, David Jaeger, Joel Berg, David Ripplinger, Ed Cropus and Kevin Heilman as candidates for past royalty.

The main years that I can see a difference between the past Homecomings and today’s is between 1987 and how we celebrate Homecoming currently. There was no mentioning of powder-puff football, a class favorite, in the late ’80s. They also opted out of a bonfire in order to have a hot dog giveaway!

I can easily see an improvement that we have made. In the ’80s there was no mention of the Homecoming Olympics, which has always been my favorite event of the week. Even though it is hilarious to see the guys in my class dress in jean shorts, it’s even better to see each class come together to try and prove that they are superior. Although I feel the need to mention that my class has nearly won multiple times, okay, every time. But each year, somehow, the seniors magically earned more points at the final counting. I wonder why that is? Knowing our luck, we’ll once again have the most points but be disqualified because the stars weren’t aligned properly.

One event will always stand strong through the test of time. On the night of the football game everyone in our community will be brought together to cheer on our Rugby Panthers, helping connect us as a community. As our king, Hager, said, “Homecoming is the gathering of anyone who’s ever been a Panther to come back to the old place they call home and get a view of how it is today.” And then our queen, Kraft, said, “Homecoming is a really fun time for the school as a whole. It brings the students all together and shows pride in our school. I’d say Homecoming is one of my favorite weeks during the school year.”

Tribune Archives 1989 RHS Homecoming Royalty (left to right): Betty Jane Braaten, Tara Kennedy, Pam Jundt, Daphne Klein, David Jaeger, Joel Berg, David Ripplinger, Ed Corpus and Kevin Heilman.

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