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By Staff | Aug 28, 2015

July 11, 1963

City Woman Revived by City Fireman From Near Suffocation

Mrs. Suzy Shortley of rural Rugby was found by her neighbor yesterday in a near state of exhaustion lying across the threshold of her living room. The Rugby Fire Dept. was called and only quick work on their part saved Mrs. Shortley, as they used their new resuscitator to revive her. She was immediately rushed to the Good Samaritan hospital where she is reported doing fine.

In an exclusive interview by your reporter, it was learned that her petite size resulted in her misfortune, but her courage and strength brought her through. Her account of the accident was as follows: “Four Days ago I was in Voeller Furniture at Rugby and while looking at their tremendous stock of beautiful carpets, I chose one and ordered it installed. It was that beautiful new Acrilan by Mohawk carpet called Grandaire and it was a tremendous deep pile. Well, I told them to install it any time and the men from Voeller’s came out and put it in while I was shopping in town. Now, as you can see, I am only five feet tall, and I wasn’t expecting any problem but as I opened the door and saw that gorgeous carpet, I just rushed in and that was my failing. With the combination of deep piled carpet, and soft bouncy rubber pad, I didn’t stand a chance. I just sunk in over my head, but I knew if I didn’t panic I could work my way out. I immediately took advantage of the tremendous bounce of the padding and using it like a trampoline, I was able to bounce my way back to the door where my neighbors found me.”

When asked if she would replace her carpet with something else Mrs. Shortley answered quickly, “Of course not, the boys at Voeller’s promised to buy me some stilts and that is what I will use in the future.”

So folks, I guess this all goes to prove that for luxury and comfort in home carpeting, come to Voeller’s, for the largest selection in this area, and oh, yes, we do have extra stilts for you short customers.

– Voeller’s

Aug. 18, 1960

Rugby Man Claims Contact with Flying Saucer Occupants!

Mr. Morrie reported to Rugby authorities today that he sighted a flying saucer south of Rugby, North Dakota, on Aug. 5th, and talked to the occupants when it landed in a field three miles south of our town. He described these people as very intelligent and able to speak any language. They were about four feet tall, Mr. Morrie said, but looked more like midgets than our idea of little green men from outer space. When asked as to their reason for coming down to earth, they replied they had seen one of our satellites and received the message it was sending and decided to come down to earth and see for themselves. Dubious authorities asked Mr. Morrie what the message was and he told them, “Shop at Voeller’s Furniture at Rugby for the best buys.” It was only then that they believed his story, and offered to send him to Washington to tell his story, but he refused because he was afraid those little men from outer space would buy up all those terrific buys at Voeller’s, and he wouldn’t be able to take advantage of them. But, earthman or spaceman, you’re always welcome at Voeller’s Furniture, Rugby’s Friendly Store.

– Voeller’s

  • Aug. 26, 2015

I felt like we all needed a small chuckle after the new school year has started; at least to lift up our spirits before they are crushed by early mornings and homework.

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