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From the Vault

By Staff | Aug 14, 2015

With each year Rugby’s Crazy Days is different from the ones before it. Year to year it seems to have an increase, or decrease in events and participation.

The ’70s things kicked off with a bang. Main street had been split in half. Businesses from the left side went against the right in a tug-a-war battle. The firemen had come down to make it even more challenging by hosing down each and every contestant. A writer for the Tribune commented; “It was hard to tell if all those people came to get the bargains, see the water hose soak the luckiest in the tug-of-war, or try to put Laurel Stoxen and other heroic volunteers into the hose tank by hitting the target with a baseball.” (By A.O.)

The ’80s was filled of events for younger children. 1983 had an egg holding contest, Hot Wheels car race, and one surprising event. Someone would stand on top of a building and toss off paper plates. The backside of each plate had coupons stuck to it. The next year excitement had died down, only leaving ads inside the paper.

During the early ’90s you can see photographs of the costume contest winners. Pamida was a common winner, with the entire store dressing up as Disney characters one year! The ’90s was just full of different costumes worn throughout the day, but not to many other events were reported on.

During the beginning of the 2000s the Girl Scouts sponsored a bouncy castle, face painting booth and a balloon pop for gift cards. The Chamber of Commerce also set up multiple events for little kids to play in while their parents were out shopping, such as watermelon eating contests, licorice-slurping competitions and even a contest to drink soda out of a baby sippy cup.

During 2011 everyone seemed excited to try the Jaycees’ taco-in-a-bags. 2012 only featured ads, but it still contained more ads for the citywide rummage sale. I think that holds the key to showing how Crazy Days has changed; it has something to do with Rugby having more events like this during the summer. The Citywide Garage sale days were a recent event, that could be a contributing factor for some businesses wanting to opt out of Crazy Days. Even with the Geographical Center Day coming up, it could put some activities on hold. Some years it seems like Crazy Days will die out, but the love of tradition is hard to ignore. Next year the paper, the city and everyone who can remember years past should try to take a step back in time and make it one of the craziest years ever.

It was fun taking a quick walk around Crazy days this year. I understand that Crazy Days isn’t as big as it once was, but it can be, No matter big or small, it’s still fun to look around and see what Rugby has to offer. The main way I think we can improve it is if we re-enact the Crazy Days from 1971. So lets all get the fire hose and start a new round of street tug-a-war!

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