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7-18 From the Vault

By Staff | Jul 17, 2015

October 25th, 1962

“Up and Down

the Street”

We are now going to blockade Cuba. Stop all ships and check for “offensive weapons.” Experts on International Law say that in effect we have committed an act of war. Certainly it is a dangerous business. Suppose a ship refuses to be inspected. A Russian ship, for instance. what do we do then, shoot? And when does all Hell break loose?

In line with what we were saying there will be those who will say Kennedy should have done it long ago. Why wait until two weeks before election? Would he risk war to win elections for his party? And there will be those who will say the government has inside information which brought the matter to a head now. Again, you see, the two opposite viewpoints.

Dangerous as this business is, my opinion still is Russia will stop short of war. Had she wanted or dared war, she could have had it any time in recent years. If she started anything, the Red hordes of China, I believe, would rather have Russian land than Indias; the subject nations would rise up if given half a chance. No, Russia will start a war only if she thinks she could achieve a knockout, without suffering retaliation. And that is not in the cards I hold.

You cannot rule out accidents or somebody getting painted into a corner where they feel they have to shoot or lose face.

If it must be done, it is better now than later.

Written by F. Hornstein

July 14th, 2015

“Cold War


Due to the recent opening to Cuba in December, 2014. I wanted to take a look at what caused us to close ourselves off to Cuba. This article is an example of the precautions put in place during the 1960’s. After the embargo placed on Cuba, before the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The United States had a hand in allowing Castro to become the Communist leader of Cuba. Before him was Batista. A former Cuban dictator, who had once been considered a president. He was president 1940 to 1944. Then officially became a dictator in the years 1952 to 1959. Once the United States helped Castro to become the leader of Cuba, Castro was able to use his power to strengthen ties with the Soviet Union.

Because of the newly strengthened ties with the Soviet Union, the United States allowed, and funded, the CIA to perform the Bay of Pigs. The Bay of Pigs consisted of 1,400 trained Cuban exiles fighting against Cuba’s militia and army. The fighting began on April 17th, 1961 and ended the same day. More than 1,000 of the American Trained fighters had been captured. This failure only weakened ties between Cuba and the United States, but strengthened the ties between the Soviet Union and Cuba.

The Cuban Missile Crisis is considered the closest the United States has gotten to nuclear war. The United States had set up nuclear missiles in Turkey. In response, Russia set up their own missiles in Cuba. Please note that the capital of Turkey, Istanbul, is located 1,431.8 miles from Moscow. While Cuba is a grand total of 330 miles from Miami, Florida. In order to disarm the missiles inside Cuba, the United States agreed to disarm all ballistic missiles located in Turkey and Italy. They also agreed to not invade Cuba without any direct cause. The Soviet Union in turn agreed to disarm their weapons in Cuba.

Of course, this is only a quick review of why the United States closed itself off from Cuba. It would be possible to write much, much more on the subject. For now though, this is it.

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