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By Staff | Jul 9, 2015

July 21st, 1960

“Suspect Released With Apologies”

Mr. Joe customer was released from the Rugby city jail with apologies from the arresting officer, after being held on suspicion of burglary. He was picked up leaving the “Voeller Furniture Store” with merchandise on his person and taken into custody for questioning. Upon being questioned, he showed police officers his receipt, but the figure was so low that officers were sure they were forgeries. Only after calling Voeller furniture and talking to Mr. Watkins, who the suspect claimed sold him the merchandise, were the officers able to determine he was telling the truth.

Mr. customer was held in custody for over two hours after the confirmation due to the fact that upon hearing of the terrific values at Voeller’s Furniture all the officers rushed over to take advantage of the prices and forgot to unlock the door for him. A happy ending was inevitable, tho, as Mr. customer explained he understood how they felt and a hearty handshake was had by all.

Mr. Ranweiler, manager of the Voeller Furniture, has promised to keep everyone informed on Voeller’s terrific prices and especially the police officers; as an extra safeguard, bail is being arranged for all who are unable to convince the police, “The Steal” they made in their purchase at Voeller’s was with the consent and blessing of all the folks at Voeller’s; Rugby’s friendly Furniture store

*Voeller’s Furniture Co. Advertisement

September 18th, 1960 “Rugby Fire Dept. Fights Blaze At Voeller


Rugby firemen were johnnies on the spot again today, as they rushed to extinguish a serious blaze at the Voeller Furniture Co. directly across the street from the Fire. Dept. The whistle blew, and the men flew to the scene of the fire which originated in the doorway of the store. Thirty thousand gallons of water was used by the firemen to put out the fire, and damage was estimated at around five dollars. Chief Merton Smokey investigated the blaze and gave his opinion of how the fire started “Definitely a case of overheated door hinges.” he said, “the customers were coming in so fast that the hinges were overheated by friction and started the door on fire.” In a stern warning to the folks at Voellers, Chief Smokey insisted they cut down on their sales, or have a man ready to pour water on the hinges as they get hot. Voellers said they would never cut out their terrific buys so they promised to be prepared to keep a cool hinge. So why didn’t you “swing” down to Voellers for some real “Hot” buys.

*Voeller’s Furniture Co. Advertisement.

July 8th, 2015

Imagine if companies did this today! While reading the “Suspect Released with Apologies” I burned around fifty calories by jumping to conclusions. All before reading the word advertisement, put in a smaller font under the story. If companies did this today that would be a common problem. People sometimes skim over things. Most people would sometimes miss that little font stating what it is.

At the same time, this is an intriguing marketing ploy. The fact that it uses a written out format is genius. When you see a photo set as an advertisement, you immediately skim over it. Never really reading through it. Unless the photo is able to grab your attention in some way. With the written advertisement, there is no immediate signal that it is an advertisement. This makes it far too easy to read through it, believing it is fact until the end. This gives the reader a lasting impression. Because of that impression, you might just bring more business to the company. Maybe you’ll think of those ads later on in life, and laugh at how you thought it was reality until that little giveaway at the end.

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