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By Staff | Jul 2, 2015

“A Menace To


August 7th, 1969

Some time ago, a student editor at a state university wrote an editorial in the form of a letter to his father. Among other things, he said “… Dad, believe me when I say that I am indebted to you for fraternal love and protection, but believe me also when I say that my generation holds in contempt the colossal social, economic, and political blunders which you perpetuated. As we survey the worthless heritage of crime, war, poverty and greed, we unite in shouting ‘We will have none of it.’ There must be a second Renaissance!'”

Some time ago, in this case, was 1934. And the student who wrote it is now an associate professor of journalism at another large state university. Of his editorial of more than 30 years ago, the professor says, “…. though players change, the central themes today should and do question the merit of existing institutions in their search for something better. However, it should not be forgotten that their search will be in vain unless it is carried on within the framework of a political and economic system that encourages inquiry. The great menace today lies in the violent dissenters, who would oppose those who do not agree with them.”

June 30th, 2015

It is almost fascinating to see how an article written in 1934 can directly connect with today’s generation. With how we believe our world is fractured, and the people before us created no solutions. Whoever the student who wrote this was, he felt the exact same way. What causes this? What causes so much unrest between generations?

Each generation faces different challenges between them. Because of this, newer generations will look back on the past, and analyze what decisions those before them have made since these decisions directly involve their future. My generation looks at those before us and thinks of the crippling debt the United States is in. We think of how the military gets the largest piece of the country’s budget, while we have other problems at home that need to be solved. We think of the violent racism, and ableism shown in our country, and we wonder why our government seems broken. That is just the beginning of my generation’s problems. The cost of college, minimum wage, our country’s crippling debt, and more.

What did this man have to worry about? Since this was written in 1934, we can see that his problems included; the threat of WWII, the prominent racism and segregation, the great depression, the amount of homelessness in The United States, and the recovery of WWI veterans.

Looking through you can see the same problems arise each time. The generations in power are either unable, or unwilling to deal with the very core of the problem. What is the core? What is the root of our country’s problems? The fact that an article from 1934 can directly correlate to today’s generation is just fascinating.

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