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Just Saying: It’s Time To Hug a Law Enforcement Officer

By Staff | May 1, 2015

Of course our hearts go out to the family of Freddie Gray, but they also goes out to the hard working people of Baltimore. These law-abiding people, both black and white, had to watch the senseless, ignorant, violent response to a tragic situation perpetrated on their city by thugs who destroyed the sanctity of a lifetime of toil.

And, as I feel sorry for the family and the people of Baltimore that had to live through their ordeal, I also feel sorry for the Brown family in Ferguson. But, I also feel sorry for the law-abiding, hardworking people that work and live in Ferguson, no matter the color of their skin. They too had to watch the senseless, ignorant, violent response to a tragic situation perpetrated on their city by thugs who represent the worst of a society. These thugs, who feel an entitlement, wreak havoc on a society by their selfishness. They do not want to work for a sense of accomplishment but rather loot from others for instant gratification.

Thugs come in all colors and cultures, they are being measured by their actions not their skin color. The rhetoric spewed from these individuals rings shallow whether they are white, black, brown or green. The rhetoric echoes the decline of sensibility and real achievement that a society needs to prosper. I have heard these parasites who can’t take care of themselves, who take from hard-working people in the form of welfare tax dollars, higher cost of goods because of theft or the threat of destruction, call their children with multiple mothers “jewels in the crown”. Or, I have heard the mantra of “Don’t disrespect me” when they can’t even spell, let alone know how to be respectful to others.

But, more than my frustration with these individuals and even more important than my feeling for the families and the hard-working people who are victims of this senseless, self-righteousness, as they perpetrate the selfish actions of looting, burning, and threatening on an undeserving populace. I feel sorry for the law enforcement officers who are constantly being put under a microscope when they are just trying to do their job that they are sworn to do: protect the citizens they serve. I will acknowledge that there may be bad officers, as there are bad in every profession and in every facet of society, but why are we so quick to condemn a law enforcement officer who is just doing the job he or she is paid to do, but give a known criminal the benefit of the doubt?

It is time to hug a law enforcement officer. These are men and women who put themselves in harms-way day in and day out to protect and serve. I feel sorry for these officers especially when situations like Ferguson, Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia, etc., etc. force them to stand down and watch the cities they are sworn to protect. Who are made to capitulate to these domestic terrorists who break law after law, putting the citizens along with the officers in danger. And, why? Because, their own spineless, inept, city governments refuse to allow them to carry out their sworn duties. Governments who condemn the hardworking and give excuses not to mention handouts to the lazy and undeserving

It is time to hug a Law Enforcement Officer. When incidents like Brown and Gray all of a sudden put an unrealistic spotlight on all of the actions of a law enforcement agency, officers are questioned. Their integrity is challenged, not because of facts, but because they were put in a situation by a law-breaking individual that created dire consequences. Of course incidents like that of Brown and Gray need to be investigated, but what they don’t need are riots or a condemning of a lifetime of service. In addition, in tragic situations like these, who deserves the benefit of the doubt more while it is being investigated? An individual who has a propensity for breaking the law or an officer who put’s their life on the line every day. Why do some media outlets, politicians and activists have it so a** backwards?

It is time to hug a law enforcement officer. The number of police officers killed in the line of duty increased in 2014, as reported by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. In total, 126 officers were killed in the line of duty in 2014. That’s a 24 percent increase from 2013, when 102 officers were killed. Where is the outcry? Why does this seem acceptable to some? To the Rugby Police Department, to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, to the local State Highway Patrol, to the local Game & Fish Officer, to the local Border Patrol, and to our local B.C.I. Special Agent, thank you for what you have done, for what you are doing and what you are sworn to do. You and your efforts are greatly appreciated. Now give me a hug!

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