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Let’s Cook: Purse, Address Book, Set to Go!

By Staff | Apr 24, 2015

The Minot State University Gala is just around the corner. Joining us in creating items from the former McFarland fabric is Jan (Johnson) Norsby from Rugby. For some years, she has fashioned a purse which has become a peak item at the Gala. Norsby started sewing as a 4-H member in Newburg when she was in 5th grade, with help from her mother Myrtle.

From the very start, she took to sewing like geese take to flight. Her time with the needle and thread has been uplifting-a running stitch which she has gathered into a patchwork of gratification. Her talents have created many garments for her family including the complete wedding ensemble for her daughter Shelly’s wedding. She has passed on the notion of creating to her family and grandchildren. Norsby shared, “As a mother, it made me smile when my children headed to the pattern and fabric section of the store first.” She savors selecting fabrics, the contest of sewing, but her greatest thrill comes in seeing the project turn out well.

Norsby discovered handcrafted purses at a craft show in Dickinson. She purchased one and from this created her own pattern which has permitted her to sew well over a 100 of them. This year marks the sixth purse she has created for the Gala. This year, her purse will feature the Minot State Beaver logo embroidered on the gold fabric. Norsby has created purses from several of the fabrics including the silver lining. She hunts for chic handles to complete her designs. She admits to liking quilting and craft sewing more these days and delights in donating her talents to worthy causes such as quilts for Lutheran World Relief, cancer drives, Camp Metigoshe and the Minot State Gala. Her latest interest lies about her sewing room like a tapestry-strip quilting-waiting to meet needle and thread. Her husband, Ray, is retired and an alumnus of Minot State. He taught business classes at the Rugby High School for many years.

This year, my wife Jan and I created a “Beaver Coffee Party” table. It consists of placemats sewn from the gold draperies and embroidered with the Minot State Beaver logo, vintage snack sets, original silverware from Model School, green glassware and a lively green and red tablecloth. We will leave it to you to figure out which lady at the coffee party quips, “I just love it when #38 bends over-now that is what I call a touchdown!”

To date $37,000 has been raised from these items with the monies going toward academic scholarships. We feel blessed that folks continue to have a strong interest in items created from the former McFarland fabrics. They bid generously for the cause-probably because the items are unique and a treasured part of the history of Minot State’s beloved performance hall.

For each Gala we search for something unique in addition to McFarland keepsakes. This year we have a real winner. Last summer I picked up a collection of recipe booklets, and upon sorting through them, I discovered a mint condition copy of the Minot State College 1965-1966 Faculty and Student Directory presented by Mu Sigma Tau Fraternity. Thanks to the discovery of this campus directory, I can now take great joy in name dropping-just like the late Brooke Astor, American philanthropist, socialite, and writer. I know the list is long but keep in mind, the book has so much to offer! Bless those Mu Sigs-they not only created delicious purple passion punch, but a fine historic directory!

Now electronic media certainly has nothing over this faculty and student directory with 82 pages. (Remember this was compiled before computers and it is well organized.) Editors of this publication were Ron Anderson and Jerry Fundingsland. We start out with a listing for Mu Sigma Tau with Jerry Bertsch serving as president, Fred Woodiwiss as recording secretary, advisors being Mr. J. B. Busse and Gaylen Brown, Patronesses were Miss Hazel McCulloch, Mrs. F. V. Lyman, Mrs. Edwards and Miss Stusrud just to highlight a few of the names.

Next we are introduced to the Student Association with Mick Moberg serving as president, Fred Morrison as vice president and the following people representing the Student Senate Senior Class: Bob Kobernick, Ivadell Stokes; Junior Class: Doug Schiff, Liz Hovland; Sophomore Class: Curt Seibel, Mary Will; Freshman Class: Steve Wood, Linda Rodacker.

On page 9 is listed the college telephone with the switchboard number being 838-6101 with a complete listing from the president’s office, dorms, student union and finishing with all sororities and fraternity houses. College Offices are listed on 10 with Dr. C. P. Lura as president and his campus house number was 834-2124; down the line is listed Joel Davy, assistant to president; C. S. Bjorlie, Campus School and a home address of 202 Souris Drive. At the bottom of the list we find Dr. Frank Bauman, Student teaching, with a home address of 1201 9th Str NW; Russ Smith, Publicity, Admin 164, home 921 1st Str NW; Herb Parker, Dean of Men, Admin 257, Home 901 18th Str.

Our next heading is Division Chairman and a couples of names from this list includes John Strohm, Office M-50A and a home address of 2900 2 Ave. SW; Dr. Edna Gilbert, Special Education, office M-116 with home being at 421 9 Ave NW. Just below we find the heading of: Faculty Not Otherwise Listed. Some names listed are Mrs. Georgia Cunningham, office S-213, home in Ryder; Margaret S. Dixon, office A-352 and home 130 10 Avenue NW; Walter Hartman, Office M-439, home 902 2 Ave NW; Dr. Grant Norem, office A-265, home being 822 4 Ave NW; Adelaide Johnson, office M-306, home 715 8 St. NW; Dr. Olger Myhre, office M-202, home being 701 15 St NW; Dr. Paul Rosenthal, office S-207, home 716 1 Ave NW; Doris Slaaten, office M-314, home 1115 14 St NW; Ralph and Julianne Wallin, with their offices being M-335, home 504 4 Ave NW.

Page 15 lists Administrative Assistants such as Mrs. Arlene Christenson, Asst. Registrar; Betsy Nokleby, College Nurse; and Floyd Wilson, Supt. Bldgs and Grds. Page 16 is for Office Force and Dormitory Housemothers containing such names as Betty Ellingson, Sec. to President; Mrs. Lucy Matteson, Asst. postmistress-switchboard; Janice Templeton, sec. to librarian; and Mrs. Beatrice Zimmerman, Dir. Crane Hall. The Power House Staff is next. A few names from here includes Frances Goebel, Roy Matteson, Pete Verbitskey and Andrew Oen . Right behind is the listing for Building and Grounds Staff and a mini list from here includes Edwin Auck, Matilde Janevices, and Ole Salseg. Student Union Staff: Mrs. Marguerite Chambers, Antone Cunha, Pearl Hanson, Irene Owen, and Edna Snider to list a few.

Now comes the longest listing which includes students. One has been selected from each alphabetic letter. Such as Donald Andrews from Williston; LeRoy Benson from Tioga; Maxine Clark, Power Lake; Leonard Deplazes, York; Roberta Ely, Columbus; Robert Fritel, Barton; William Gumeringer, Esmond; Roberta Hatlestad, Williston; Wendell Iverson, Alamo; Meredith Johnson, Minot; Merrill Krueger, Drake; Elaine Larson, Makoti; Ernest Mott, Sherwood; Dale Niewoehner, Upham; ValAnn Olson, Minot; Muriel Phelps, Willow City; Gerald Qvale, Ray; Irene Romfo, Rugby; Jeanette Satterlund, New Rockford; Gary Torske, Underwood; Michael Uhgaard, Bottineau; Charles VanCamp, Drayton; Mary Will, Devils Lake; Richard Yecoshenko, Butte; and Cecilia Zainhofsky, Towner.

We are getting near the end with Organization Officers. Baptist Student Union with Carol Patrie as president; Gavel Club, Fred LaCount, Pres; Sigma Tau Iota, Karen Vetter, president; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia with Joe Alme as vice president to touch a just a few. There is a fine listing of ads as well: Alhood Motors, Ann’s Fashions, Bader’s Dept. Store, Walters, Buttrey’s, Taubes, Deeters Bridal Salon, Ellisons, Pollyanna Shop, Sharks, Greengard-Cranston, Toivos Jewelry, Gordon’s Holiday Spot, The Dutch Mill, Sunshine Grocery, Steenstrup Jewelers, City Bakery, Campus Texaco-Irvin Hunsaid, Mgr., Campus Barber Shop with barbers Harold Krausert and Joe Haag,Grand Studio, Young America, Straus Bros. Jewelry and so many more!

This recipe comes from Jan Norsby. She stated, “This is my go to summer salad!” She noticed a recipe like this in a quilting magazine, and this is her version. When she was the secretary at First Lutheran, she suggested this be served for lunches at summer funerals. As you can see, she is not only creative with the needle, but also in serving delicious lunches.

Chicken Salad

By Jan Norsby

2 cups cooked chicken

1 tablespoon onion, minced

1 teaspoon salt

1 cup green grapes

1 cup diced celery

1 cup ring macaroni cooked

1 cup mandarin oranges

1 cup Miracle Whip (with 4 tablespoons sugar added)

cup slivered almonds (toasted if desired)

1 cup whipping cream (whipped)

Mix together chicken, onion and salt. Add grapes, celery, macaroni, oranges, salad dressing with sugar, and almonds. When ready to serve fold in whipped cream. Serve on a lettuce leaf.

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