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Just Saying: If Guns Kill People, So Do Gas Chambers

By Staff | Apr 24, 2015

I was watching a political debate the other night about recent gun violence around the country and a “talking head” made the following statement when asked about what responsibility does the perpetrator have who pulls the trigger? This “talking head” answered by lamenting about how if there weren’t any guns, the violence in Chicago and other inner cities would diminish greatly. He was then asked, “so whose fault is it the person pulling the trigger or the gun’s?” and he responded the “the gun was at fault.” He actually said that, the gun had greater responsibility than the person pulling the trigger. The segment ended with that and I was a little more jaded about the thought process of individuals who would rather take away the rights of individuals because of their inability or desire to make the person perpetrating the act accountable.

If this is the mind set of these individuals, that the object is guilty and not the person, then all I can say is that we wasted a lot of money, time and emotional well being bringing to justice the vile perpetrators of the Holocaust at the Nuremberg trials.

Why do we have to limit, alter, reduce and/or change the rights bestowed upon us by the United States Constitution because of actions of a few, rather than make the individuals who abuse these privileges take personal responsibility for their actions and accept those consequences? Why is it we have to create new standards for specific classes of people rather than enforce the letter of the law so that all people are judged fairly, equally and without prejudice? Why don’t we demand personal responsibility from everyone?

Personal responsibility; what a concept. When some people hear the word “responsibility,” they think of who or what they can blame first. We have heard it all over the news. If you are too fat it is the fast food industry’s fault, not that you have a problem every time you bend your elbow, your mouth flies open. If you get arrested it is society’s fault or a racist police officer’s fault, not that you were breaking the law. If your child fails a grade or gets in trouble in school it is a teacher’s fault or the school system’s fault, not that you never took time with your child and helped them learn. If you fail an entrance exam for college or a standardized test of any kind it is cultural bias or insensitivity to your plight, not that you chose to spend more time playing games than you did studying. You get the point.

We have seen it, we have heard it, and we have felt the ramifications of too many people looking to point the finger at something or someone else rather than looking in a mirror. Why do so many people think of the word BLAME, as in, “Whose responsibility is this?” Rather than think of responsibility as seizing what’s in front of you, exerting choice, and taking control of your own actions. The real meaning of responsibility is the ability to acknowledge your actions without looking to find an esoteric excuse.

When society and more specifically our government allow people to perpetuate self-victimization it has consequences that are far reaching. Consequences that destroy the very fabric of American exceptionalism. First, it takes away resources from individuals who are real victims, individuals who have felt the sting of life, and through no fault of their own, need a caring and loving country to lend a deserved helping hand. It also increases the cost of everything, from housing to food, insurance, retail, and taxes. Why? Because, it is not fashionable to make people accountable for their own actions. This line of thinking has added cost with over zealous regulations increasing the cost of doing business. This line of thinking has created an increase in unwarranted greedy, lottery-styled lawsuits that escalate the cost of insurance for business and consumer alike. This line of thinking has created a cradle-to-grave welfare system that puts more and more pressure on an ever dwindling middle class. This line of thinking creates people who believe that they, too, deserve anything that someone else may have, and instead of working for it they just steal it, because in their mind they deserve it.

But, the most dangerous thing that this line of thinking creates is that it slowly takes away the freedoms that our soldiers have spilt their blood for. With so many people saying they are a “victim” it gives an ever reaching and willing government, more reasons to take our constitutional rights away from us. And, why? To protect perceived victimization. They are trying to take guns away. Rather than putting the blame on the abusers, instead they blame the existence of the gun.

They have taken prayer in school away, rather than acknowledging that someone has the right to pray or not to pray they would rather ban the ceremony of asking for guidance because it may offend someone. They are creating a cradle-to-grave mentality looking to prop everyone and anyone up, except the taxpayer, because life is too hard, not fair, and uneven. And now, an unwarranted lawsuit has just been filed in Ferguson, Mo. The family is suing the city, because their “child” robbed a store, fought with an officer, resisted arrest and was tragically killed. The family screamed at a protest “let’s burn this city down” but now they are the ones suing. Where is the personal responsibility? The death was senseless, but could have been avoided if Michael Brown had just obeyed the law.

This country is chock-full of success stories of people who accepted the cards they were dealt, found a way to succeed, went to school, worked hard, abided by the laws and paid taxes. They didn’t make excuses. They looked at obstacles as bumps in the road, and moved on. It is these people who are becoming the true victims of an ever changing society. A society who accepts excuses rather than results. A society that Americans, are now asking what their country can do for them, rather than asking what they can do for their country. How times have changed.

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