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Just Saying: You’re Damn Right It’s Personal

By Staff | Apr 7, 2015

It has been said when emotion dictates your thought process, logic is the first casualty. Well, then so be it. It has been recently reported that a radical Islamic, murdering, misogynistic, sexist, racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic group known as ISIS or the Islamic State recently put on their “hit list” 100 U.S. military members that also included 6 airmen from our own Minot Air Force Base in Minot, North Dakota. With this writing I want to honor these 6 brave airmen, as well as the other members of our military, and their families who stand up every day to be counted, who stand in harms way so the rest of us can enjoy the freedoms bestowed upon us by our United States Constitution. These brave men & women who have stood strong through wars, campaigns, conflicts and police actions and who have echoed throughout time the sentiment, not now, not on my watch. These men & women who have spilled blood, not for glory and definitely not for money, but only to keep us safe from those who mean us harm. I also want to tell them, here & now they do not stand alone against these ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS (terrorists) with their closed minded ways of seeing the world. I stand with them and this paper also stands with them.

These ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS, with their actions against humanity around the world and now with their threats echoing in our own backyard, have drawn a line in the sand in blood, and today we will take a stand against this cowardly, ignorant, primitive threat to the freedoms we hold dear with our own formidable weapon, the lead in our pencils. It is with great appreciation and humility that we acknowledge all of the brave American soldiers who have spilt their blood protecting our freedom of speech, and the brave journalists who have given their lives throughout history by exercising that freedom. I feel it is my duty and it is my honor to take a stand for those who don’t have a pulpit to do so themselves, and to exercise the freedom of speech given to us so many years ago, a freedom that has survived the test of time because of men and women who have fought for our freedoms and the freedoms of others around the world. These same courageous men & women who have given so much, have now been targeted for death by this bully organization known as ISIS. It has been my experience that bullies, when they see something they don’t agree with, instead of ignoring it or protesting rationally against it, they would rather punch you in the eye so you can’t see it either. That sort of bullying is not acceptable, nor should it be. So from here on out, any time these bullies raise their swords or their rhetoric against the freedoms we hold dear, I will raise my pencil to defeat these cowards by letting them know that silence is not an option.

My father, God rest his soul, was in the Air Force during the Korean “police action” and that is why this is even more personal to me. It is my father who taught me to stand up to bullies in my youth, and never back down or walk away. This is a life lesson I still hold dear today. He told me if a bully tries to push you around, you stand eye to eye with them, throw your chest out and lift your chin and tell them: not then, not now, not ever. He instructed me to never throw the first punch, that words are just that, words, and it is your choice to let them offend you. He told me to always stay strong. He told me it was my right to say anything I wanted or needed to, as long as I could back it up, one way or another. He told me when you do this, most of the time a bully will just walk away, being the coward they are. He went on to explain, “Son, there will be a time when you run into a bully and instead of walking away he will take a swing at you, and at that, time my son, you need to be even stronger within yourself. Stay calm, turn away from him after he throws his punch. Then, without words or warning, spin and rap that bastard in the mouth!” He went on to explain “once you do this, no matter what happens, you must always take accountability for your actions.”

This is what my editorial is today; it represents me punching these Islamic bullies in the mouth. And, not to worry Dad, I will stand tall and gladly defend, as well as take responsibility for, all my actions.

To anyone and everyone who has perished under the tyrannical rule of ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS, to anyone and everyone who has wanted to fight but couldn’t, to anyone and everyone who has wanted to make a stand but didn’t have a platform to stand on, to anyone and everyone who has fought and spilled their blood for the freedom of speech, to anyone and everyone who has been threatened by these bullies just because you do not believe in the things they do, to anyone and everyone who has been bullied by these cowards; I proudly, without hesitation or regret, stand up for you, and with you today. May my pen be your weapon and may The Pierce County Tribune be your shield. God Bless you, God Bless America and long live the freedom of speech.

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