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Just Saying: A note from the Pierce County Tribune’s new editor

By Staff | Mar 27, 2015

I want to take the time to introduce myself to you; my name is Joseph T. Pelt, I go by Joseph or J.T. and I am the new Editor of the Pierce County Tribune and I plan on being the Editor for as long as you will have me. As I assimilate into the community doing stories, editorials and asking for businesses to use their hard-earned money to advertise with the Pierce County Tribune, I think it is important for you to know what I feel the paper should do for you, the community. A paper like the Pierce County Tribune, with its storied, award-winning past, and its rich heritage, should be one of the cornerstones of the community. The paper’s role should be of promoting Pierce County, its people, its businesses and its lifestyle; while always being the watchdog of your tax money and how it is spent. I also believe it is a paper’s job to make sure that this area receives the attention it deserves from our statewide and national politicians as well. All in all, this paper’s duty will be to embrace the community, hold it up so all can see the beauty, love, passion and compassion that lies within it. Assure that transparency is the norm with our local, state & national government representation and not the exception. And, when necessary, hold those in charge of this community accountable to the decisions they make, while always applauding them when they get it right (which I am sure is most of the time). Every week, I want our readers to be excited when this paper comes in the mail or when they pick it up at one of our distribution points. I want you to not only need the paper but to want and appreciate its content. Over the next few weeks we are adding features like senior news, financial articles, crime beat, collecting articles, movie reviews of our own Lyric Theater’s showings, and real estate transactions while always trying to capture the wonderment, the spirit and the activity of this beloved community in each and every edition. In addition, I will be writing a weekly editorial and from time to time an editorial cartoon. My editorials will be eclectic in nature making observations that are local in nature to state, national and/or international topics; depending what compels me by deadline. Sometimes my editorials will be serious and other times humorous (at least to me) whatever they happen to be they will always be written from my heart.

I also want you to get involved, and be engaged. In that vein, I welcome, actually I encourage Letters to the Editor; I want to know what you feel, how you feel it. If you are mad, share it and tell the world (or at least our part of the world) why, if you are happy, tell us and let us rejoice with you. I want you to make me, and this paper accountable to you and our loyal readers. I also welcome and want story contributions and new story lines from you. The only way this paper thrives and prospers is if you our readers are emotionally committed to our success. The one thing I want you to always remember “this is your county and this is your paper.” Already, I have had the good fortune of meeting Rugby’s Mayor Arland Geiszler, Pierce County Commission Chairman Duane Johnston, CEO Jeff Lingerfelt of the Heart of America Medical Center, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce Shelley Block and Principal Jared Blikre, and all these wonderful leaders of Pierce County have had one thing in common, when they speak of this charming quaint area, each and ever one of them have a sparkle in their eye.

And, I understand why from your train station to your Hospital to the Lyric movie theatre, to your amazing elementary, junior and senior high schools, you have things that other communities could only wish they had. But, more importantly, every person I encountered, had a smile on their face and when I passed they waved to a stranger in their midst, not knowing who he is or what he does. The unconditional friendliness, which has been bestowed upon me since my arrival, has let me know that I truly made the right decision to come here. I only hope that through The Pierce County Tribune I can enhance everything this area stands for, and be part of what makes all of you so special.

So, if you are downtown, feel free to stop by and say hello, let’s shoot the breeze and share a thought or two; my door is always open to you. Or, if you want to submit a Letter to the Editor, story ideas, contribute a story, submit a picture, or say just say hi keep up the phenomenal work or tell me I am full of baloney you can also e-mail me at jtpelt@thepiercecountytribune.com. I truly do look forward to hearing from you, and I really look forward to being a good neighbor to you all.

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