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Burkhartsmeier: I like you just the way you are

By Staff | Jan 2, 2015

Happy New Year! It’s Monday evening and as I contemplate what to write about for the upcoming holiday, New Years I ponder what I’ll do this

year to celebrate the holiday. In the cities I’ve lived in, in the past, I got dressed up usually in sparkles and high heels and danced all night. For some reason, I doubt that will be taking place this year! (Ha!) I know a number of the restaurants and bars are serving specials of prime rib and more for supper, but which I will attend is still undecided. I imagine there will be laughs and maybe a few


As for the day, it is a particularly special day to me, as it is the

day that I was “adopted” by my second family. Thinking about it now, I don’t know why that day in particular was chosen, but it’s easy to remember

and what a way to kick off a new year! I can remember getting new twin beds and picking out “Holly Hobby” sheets! We often said it was my second birthday, and although we didn’t do gifts, we cooked an extra

special meal. Many years we tried different things such as lobster and crab. Over the years there has often been distance between many of us and we are not able to get together for supper. We usually call and laugh about wow- how many years have gone by? It was truly a year for new beginnings.

This year will be my first New Years home in Rugby since 2002, when I was dragged to a New Year’s Eve wedding and ended up having an absolutely wonderful night. Just goes to show, unplanned events can sometimes be the best times! This year, I do look forward to having my parents over for supper, if they know it yet or not! Just another way to say thanks, and celebrate the past and the future!

This time of year many people make resolutions to challenge themselves to be better people, lose weight, be more organized, save more financially, the list is endless. However, I am not going to push you to make a resolution. I’m not big on resolutions. Often they are too great and we set ourselves up to fail. Don’t waste your time stressing! We all know we should put a little more away in the bank

or lose a few pounds. Honestly, it’s winter; the time of year to hibernate under a fuzzy blanket on the couch. We all love fresh caramel rolls out of the oven. Nothing is better then meatballs and mashed potatoes on a cold day. Game day isn’t the same without a beer and wings. Go for it and enjoy; it’s more fun! June will be here before we know it, when it’s easier to be out running around or

weeding the garden to tone back up.

I like to get more excited about the new year and what it has to offer. I look forward to trips to visit friends and family, a good year of wrestling, a number of family weddings, new adventures at the lake including catching more fish than the boat owner! (Ha!) I hope everyone had a fabulous day and if not, it’s just a day make the next day or 364 days better! I hope your 2015 bring you new adventures and happiness! Cheers!

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