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Chapman: Time to vote, clean house in county

By Staff | Oct 31, 2014

One of the best things about a citizen’s vote is the anonymity afforded. You don’t have to vote for a friend or a neighbor. You can vote for the person you see most fit for the office and no one needs to know.

One of the best things about an elected official’s votes, once he or she is in office, is every vote is on the record. Any time an official sits down and legally votes at a legally held meeting (a concept our local officials struggle with), that vote is public knowledge. There is no hiding from a vote cast and if the candidates running can’t handle the scrutiny that rightfully comes with holding office, they shouldn’t be on Tuedsay’s ballot.

It’s time to own up, gentlemen.

I’m not one to tell people who they should vote for nor do I get annoyed by one’s decision to choose one candidate over the other. That’s your decision – one not to be held lightly. I hope all eligible voters will exercise this incredible right that so many of our brothers and sisters across the world don’t share. I share my thoughts on the county races because I’ve spent a year around the Pierce County Board of Commissioners and the sheriff – who answers not only to the electorate, but the commissioners on a monthly basis.

While the challengers in the races for Districts 1 and 5 haven’t exactly overwhelmed me with their goals and foresight, I?believe it is time for new blood. While District 5 incumbent Dave Migler has impressed me with his diligence on tough FEMA?projects, he and District 1 incumbent Joe Bohl have failed to advocate for the electorate, as a whole. To all the candidates running, you are not above the electorate, so don’t act like it. Don’t whine because the citizens or media voice concerns. Don’t belittle people who take time to voice their concerns. Don’t YELL?at people. (See how annoying that is even in the written word?) Don’t get annoyed by challenges, or freedom of the press, to the point of cancelling subscriptions to the area’s only media outlet that vigorously attempts to honestly perform its role as the community’s government watchdog.Are you immune from opinions expressed and published in a letter to the editor by an average citizen or constituent you are beholden to? Don’t disengage from the democratic process, which includes warranted criticism.

It also is time for new blood in the sheriff’s office. Though Sheriff Lunde has found some success, he has routinely failed in regards to honesty and accountability. In an attempt to smear his opponent, a libelous letter to the editor was submitted in support of Lunde a day before publication of this final issue ahead Election Day.

No, thanks. Lying to the commissioners was enough to lose my vote, but my distaste has grown. I agree with a former sheriff and former police chief in calling for change.

Please take time to consider who and what you are voting for. The opportunity is not only a right, but a privilege.

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