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Berginski: A second ‘closet cleaning’

By Staff | Oct 10, 2014

My “closet”, if you will, is dirty again. It’s time to clean out the clutter a second time.

This week a Texas man died of the Ebola virus. While the Ebola virus is not pretty and can cause you to leak blood from every orifice, your odds of getting it are really, really low. Seriously, right about now you’re more apt to catch a cold than you are Ebola, unless of course you go to Africa right now or come into contact with someone who has it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has this stuff on lockdown. Do we really need to worry?

People buying the new iPhones have been in for a shock: their phones bend in their pockets without their knowing it. Really? In our quest to have slimmer and slimmer phones (that are supposedly smarter than we are) you mean to tell me that Apple’s new offering isn’t rigid enough? Well crap, I guess I’ll stick with my Android phone, which is currently housed in a clunky case made from mil-spec materials.

This week a post on io9.com – a science, technology and science-fiction blog – said “Star Trek” could benefit from the Marvel treatment. As a huge nerd I have to ask, REALLY? Marvel bangs out one huge blockbuster every year, and other companies who have the rights to Marvel characters bang out movies that are debatable in terms of how good they are. Marvel lately has been trying to make its offerings appeal to a broad audience. Star Trek’s fanbase is in a state of schism between those who like J.J Abrams’s revival of the franchise and those who hold the old movies and shows dear. Plus there are some characters and storylines that probably shouldn’t get a movie. Howard the Duck is, in my opinion, just as bad as “Star Trek: Nemesis”, from a movie standpoint.

I said before I was interested only in Measures 3 and 7. Well apparently there’s a Measure 8, which asks whether or not we should have school start after Labor Day. Why? It would interfere with football in the fall and other sports schedules throughout the year – and let’s not kid ourselves, there’s nothing that unites a community like basketball or football. Students would end up having to stay in school until June, which also cuts into summer. That measure deserves a “No” vote.

Speaking of football, apparently guys with trucks can no longer rev pipes at Rugby High School football games, lest they face removal. I can see some people saying it’s a distraction, but it’s a FOOTBALL game! They’re coming out to support their team, just like the fans in the bleachers. They’re revving to celebrate their team scoring, much like how fans in the stands clap and rise. If anything, I find it only adds to the joy of watching a hometown football game.

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