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By Staff | Jul 13, 2012

Mette and Sofia from Denmark are back and we welcome them with open arms. Some of you may know them as relatives of Wanda Nielsen. We know them as the two young photojournalists from Denmark who came to shoot old farmhouses in the area in 2010 and were here again in 2011 to learn the stories of the farmhouse families.

They bring with them the mark of their trade, quality cameras and equipment. But more importantly, they are ambassadors for their home country, Denmark.

The two young ladies, who appear to be about 30 years old each, are outgoing, effusive, pleasant, interested in their surroundings and interested in others. They share some of the same concerns as we do, such as, How will the oil boom in North Dakota affect the midwestern state with conservative values? Fracking, a drilling process taking place in ND oil fields, is in fact, not allowed in their country because it has not been studied long enough to find out its effect on the environment.

They are delightful to talk to and they are very interested in Rugby, ND, USA. They told us they love it here. They think Rugby is as special as we do.

Mette and Sofia asked if they could interview this editor who has lived in the southern part of the state for over 30 years. They thought that since I am a foreigner of sorts (Didn’t grow up in Rugby or spend a lot of time here in my youth.), I would have a different perspective than those who were born and raised here.

Although I have only lived in Rugby for less than two years, I couldn’t wait to tell them about the characteristics that drew me to Rugby.

I have to have a library and the Heart of America Library is outstanding for this size community. I also enjoy music. No problem in Rugby, which is the smallest town in America to have its own orchestra, not to mention community choir and band. A fine arts association is another plus, and guess what, Rugby has one with a series of professional concerts. Arts are not just enjoyed here, but are celebrated. A regional museum with a regular village on its grounds preserves historical items from the past.

For others’ tastes, there is stock car racing, a hockey arena, a pool tournament which brings in quality players, a yearly county fair, and so many summer festivals in the area that one never has to wonder what there is to do here.

In this town, like no other I have ever heard of, the radio station and newspaper work together for the good of the community. There are clubs like the Jaycees and two Lions Clubs, a chamber of commerce, the Eagles, the American Legion, 4-H, FFA, FBLA, Honor Society and the list goes on, all who work for the betterment of the community.

Many denominations of faith have churches here and they all get along and are respectful of each other.

Not only are the opportunities and activities plentiful, but also warm, welcoming people live here. They live for family, community and church, not necessarily in that order. They truly believe that we are put on this earth to serve one another. Who wouldn’t want to live here? That is what I told Mette and Sofia as they documented what I said.

Now, my big worry is that I will end up on You Tube!

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