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Speaking of cabbages and kings

By Staff | Apr 1, 2011

We were all eager to hear President Obama tell us about the exit strategy in Libya, but not quite as eager as Moammar Gadafi. (It’s difficult to run a successful war when you have to tell the enemy what you are planning.)

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The French have a heart for revolutions. They were first in line to defend the staggering revolution in Libya. They did the same thing in America 230 years ago when Count de Grasse’s fleet bottled up General Cornwallis at Yorktown. They bailed us out of a losing war.

Sarah Palin traveled to Israel recently in anticipation of a run for the presidency but Israel doesn’t have an opening at present. However, there may be a vacancy in Libya shortly.

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President Obama was in Brazil and Chile looking over his options. They didn’t have any vacancies either but Egypt will be holding elections soon.

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The ladybug will be the official North Dakota state insect. The ant was not even considered, proving that appearances carry more weight than hard work.

Which ethnic group is most suited to the “square” dance? The Swedes nominated the Norwegians.

PewResearchCenter has discovered why so many young people are binge drinkers. Thirty-seven per cent don’t see excessive drinking as a moral issue, especially when they are drunk.

I lost interest in getting a Smartphone when a friend told me that an IQ test would be required.

Due to a lack of Boniva, the AARP Dakota River Dancers will not appear at the Minot State Fair this year, but just about everyone else will. Dates: July 22-29.

I have 44 friends, relatives and strangers offering to be my friends on Facebook. Since I couldn’t do justice to that many friends, relatives and strangers, I don’t do Facebook at all.

In a democracy, when enough people are doing the wrong thing, it cannot be outlawed, e.g. using cellphones while driving in traffic.

With nuclear fallout in the wind, we need to dig out the North Dakota Civil Defense Survival Plan developed in the late ’50s. It assumed the Russians would bomb the Minot and Grand Forks Air Force Bases and the Capitol in Bismarck. However, Fargo was included as a target for no reason at all except they complained about not being considered important enough to be a target. Fargo was made a target without checking with the Russians.

The plan started with a clear exit strategy: run. We were all supposed to head for Williston, Dickinson and Devils Lake because the prevailing winds would blow the radioactive clouds to the southeast. A new administration was elected and changed the strategy: dig. That brought concrete bomb shelters filled with water and crackers. If you could survive the crackers, you didn’t need to worry about the radiation.

When it comes to passing laws, the politics of the present are more important than the consequences of the future because nobody in the future is voting yet.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell a cabbage from a king.

Omdahl is a UND professor emeritus in political science and a former lieutenant governor of North Dakota.

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