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MSU Homecoming reunion

By Staff | Oct 1, 2010

There are numerous theories on how to survive a college homecoming reunion:

1. You can send in your photo and information and then only appear when all lights are low.

2. You can dress as you did in college (even though hefty wings are hanging over your hip huggers and your go-go boots make your legs look as large as stovepipes)-The key to pulling this off is to stomp in as you own the place and no one will say a thing.

3. You can stand in the corner with your new hairdo reciting all the ingredients in your “ShortSexyHair” crme, such as methylparaben-all the while still trying to fit in using your Blackberry.

4. Or you may go as yourself-with the battle scars of living being your best friends.

After all there’s no stigma against being human. So stop worrying that you have no hair, you are too heavy, or you feel bad that you don’t have matching nightstands in your bedroom. Here is what to do-sit tight and think the thoughts that make you feel good. Think of your days on campus when you first sang in the male chorus, your volleyball team had a great season, and what about all the enjoyable times you had in your fraternity and sorority? Each year during homecoming, Minot State pays tribute to various groups on campus. This year it was the Vagabond Male Chorus, Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, and all women’s athletics. All MSU Alumni are invited to this reunion event.

Our homecoming weekend began with the MSU Golden Awards-and it was an enjoyable evening, to say the least. The introduction that Rod Romine gave for Wes Luther was very moving. He took the time to recall the closeness of Herb Parker and Wes. The stellar quality of Rod’s voice during his delivery only added to the powerful presentation.

This was only the beginning of hearing Herb Parker’s name during the reunion. Friday evening while at the Alumni Reunion at the Grand International, his name was mentioned numerous times. It was, however, a former resident of Pioneer Hall that brought back a personal memory of Parker that made me smile. He shared that in the early 70’s Pioneer Hall, residents were allowed to paint their own dorm rooms. Considering the time period, you can be assured that some walls ended up being fluorescent orange, pink and green! Herb Parker was serving as Dean of Men at this time, and he was not delighted with their choice of paint dcor. This brought a halt to guys painting their own dorm rooms.

While attending Minot State, 317 Crane Hall was my home. The room was spacious, and my roommate Jerry Boatz and I enjoyed the “luxuriousness” of our typical dorm room. Soon after moving, however, we began to notice how other residents took to redecorating their space: posters galore-sports, Farah Fawcett; large stereo speakers; and the most unique arrangement of twin beds that I have ever seen! This preconceived notion of dorm dcor didn’t appeal to us so for several months we left the decorating to just hanging a calendar on the wall.

Our buddies were baffled why we had not claimed the room as our own. We finally decided we would give them a run for their money-in the complete opposite direction. We agreed that the color of the room, light green, needed to change. So I made my way over to Dean Parker’s office and was greeted by Kae Erickson, his secretary. Now usually guys who were entering Parker’s office were not there to discuss the current House Beautiful color palette trends. Kae informed me that due to the prior Pioneer Hall paint bash, repainting of rooms was off limits. She, however, gave me the benefit of seeing Parker. After some lengthy talking and a bit of rolling on about my skills as a painter, he consented. However, the color would have to be approved.

Jerry and I selected Golden Sunset as our color choice and it was great shade of warm, buttery yellow. Being employed at Coast to Coast Hardware and working with paint, I had the deluxe privilege of even mixing our color preference. Not wanting to cost the taxpayers, Jerry and I opted to pay for the paint ourselves. After all, we all know how fickle some of them can be.

Parker insisted that he would come over for an inspection once our painting was done.

Little did he realize what color and dcor his eyes would soon be seeing. Our redecorating included a bit of wallpaper over the sink. Thanks to the brilliant math skills of Jerry, he eased the pattern around the light and mirror with perfection. Not being impressed by posters, we headed off to the Minot Public Library where they loaned framed, large beautiful works of art. Our first selection was Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. With our library card we had the freedom to change this painting each month. Oh, the refined artists that hung in 317 Crane Hall. Next, we headed to the carpet store and picked up a great rust remnant. We also checked out the Salvation Army store where we found a pair of custom-lined ivory draperies that would fit perfectly!

With an unflappable resolve, we transformed our bland dorm room into a deluxe den. We managed to get hold of a couple of antiques from home–one being a mission oak rocker! Once everything was in place, including our coordinating bedspreads, we invited Herb Parker over. Needless to say, we made a bond that lasted a lifetime. Dean Parker said “Well, I must admit–I am most pleased.” Parker also made sure that our room was never repainted. Each fall its warm colors welcomed us back and we were reminded of our amenable Dean of Men.

When our dorm pals gathered on Friday nights for a friendly game of cards, they–like Dean Parker–were greeted by the element of surprise. I am not sure if it was Van Gogh that caught them off guard or the lined draperies, but we took them to the cleaners in cards!

How fitting it was that Marj Parker was Grand Marshall for the 2010 MSU Homecoming Parade. The Parker name and Minot State go hand in hand. After the parade, it was off to the spectacularly renovated Herb Parker Field for the great homecoming game where I reflected on the many abilities of Herb Parker at MSU–coach, Dean of men, and connoisseur of refined dorm-room colors.

Always wanting something sweet in the dorm, I calculated easy fruit cocktail which is great alone and certainly splendid served over angel food cake. It sports the colors of MSU in fine fashion!

Repnow is a Rugby resident.

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