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Where art thou fancy sandwiches?

By Staff | Jun 25, 2010

Recently a reader contacted me requesting a recipe for pumpernickel bread. She is about to host a bridal show for her niece, and she wanted it to be a retro bridal shower. She was married in 1966 and the hostess at her bridal shower, her Aunt Judy, had a vast amount of sandwich know-how. She shared with me pictures of the bridal shower table, and to my delight there were sandwiches of fancy shapes, pinwheels, and my very favorite ribbon sandwiches.

This bridal shower was held in May of 1966 and the table was adorned in whites, as well as the color of the wedding which was mint green. A mass of plum and apples blossoms were arranged in twin, white pottery vases. One glance at this table and you knew the hostess was well trained in setting an attractive table. The tastefulness and sophistication of this table were timeless. The reader shared with me that her Aunt Judy taught her that life is not made up of great duties, but of little things which produce smiles and show acts of kindness. Her Aunt Judy habitually did things like this. Even though it has been many years since her bridal shower, it was easy to see that the memory of that shower has been preserved in her heart of treasures.

Someone recently asked me what I might be like down the road in a nursing home. I quickly answered, “All of my past will be revealed in full color.” You will find me in the activity room reciting all the colors of Pyrex bowls. When I have completed this joyful commentary, I will proceed on to tables of joy and creativity that have marked my birthdays, graduations, bachelor party, picnics, holidays and regular entertaining. So it is for this very reason I encourage households across this country to do their level best each day to set an attractive table. Be assured that the very impressive ones that reach the high peak of delight will often be recalled in memory. We never know what will make an impact. Today, it was a table setting that had been given much time, thought and effort. For Aunt Judy, this was something she did on a regular basis and her niece still finds it impossible to forget after 42 years.

It is easy to be drawn into disposable cups, plates, napkins and even centerpieces by our fast-paced world. It is wise not get too entrenched with this counterfeit dinnerware. I will agree they have their place. I am giving you fair warning today that a bit of research into learning how to make fancy sandwiches will save you from being hoodwinked at the nursing home.

Let us zoom ahead 30 years. The nursing home will be full of folks trying to get on Facebook! You, however, will stand out as you begin to share the delight of making pumpernickel bread and topping it with cucumber party spread! And please, make sure you don’t leave out the details of the coordinating cloth tablecloth and real dishes!

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