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Searching for the perfect workplace

By Staff | Jun 11, 2010

New graduates are still out there pounding the pavement, as they say, looking for that elusive perfect job.

Those of us who have ever looked for a job know that perfect job maybe doesn’t even exist. But I can’t help but wonder about the greatest places to work. Where might that be?

Of course, the perfect job means something different for everyone. The perfect job for someone who loves the outdoors might be a park ranger. The person who loves working with animals dreams of being a veterinarian. Certainly those are very specialized skills and jobs. What about someone who really doesn’t know what they want?

Sure the you hear people say, “Work for the government. You’re there for life.” Well, I think I’d rather look toward a job without a life sentence. The experts say to work for a Fortune 500 company. There you’re assured job security and lots of perks and bonuses that wealthy companies offer their employees.

There are some really cool national companies like Google or Red Bull that are famous for their employee-friendly environments. Google in New York for instance offers employees a place to unwind such as their billiard parlor or the lap pool on the roof. Oh, by the way, other perks include free meals, free commutes and a generous sabbatical program. It’s no wonder they receive thousands of applications for every opening.

At Red Bull headquarters in London, there’s an employee social area that you might mistake for a pre-school rather than an office, complete with a slippery slide and table tennis. I suppose it’s what you get when you mix an unlimited supply of Red Bull energy drink and a three-story office that looks like a playground. Talk about looking forward to work each day.

Disney headquarters in California is another place that would be a pretty great workplace. What would it be like to work in a place where they encourage you to think like a kid all day long?

Here are a few general places I think would be great places to work. Thankfully I have a job I enjoy, but I sometimes daydream about what I think would be the perfect place to work.

Flower Shop – How could you ever be in a bad mood when you’re surrounded by beautiful flowers all day long? The phrase we often forget to take to heart- “stop and smell the roses” -would be no problem! I happen to have a whole case right here. Oh, my what a joy to get a truckload of flowers delivered right to your doorstep. Speaking of deliveries, taking flowers to someone’s door would also be a treat. Everyone’s always glad to see you.

Bakery – Just take a moment to recall that glorious smell of fresh-baked caramel rolls. Do you think people who work in a bakery ever get tired of that smell? I can’t imagine how you could. Maybe they just get used to it. Another perk of this job would be quality control sampling. Of course it might not be good for the waistline, but is sure would be good for the taste buds.

Beer truck driver – I had a friend whose brother ended up driving a beer truck to make some extra money while going to college. Although, he knew it wasn’t the ideal job that he aspired to have forever, he loved it while it lasted. He used to tell his family, “I love my job. Everyone loves to see me.” Sounds simple enough to me.

Museum – Imagine working smack dab in the middle of living history. What a cool place to be immersed into every day. If I got to choose which museum it would be the Smithsonian hands down. But wouldn’t the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum also be great? Every day at work would be a learning exploration.

Despite your surroundings, some people might agree that the best work place is the one you create. So you might not work for Disney, but you can create magic anywhere you work.

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