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Relaxation to the fullest on the QM2

By Staff | Mar 5, 2010

It happens thousands of times and in a million places. Sunrise is welcoming a new day. Maybe it happens as you’re driving down a stretch of highway, while you’re doing morning chores, or possibly as you snatch the morning newspaper from the curb-the morning sky flickers a colorful upward canvas that only your memory can embrace. This is a beautiful morning in our land-locked North Dakota.

While escorting a transatlantic crossing aboard the Queen Mary 2 in the fall of 2005, these words were penned into my travel journal: “Slowly, the dark sky takes on hues of pale blue and princess pink while my lips encounter the salty air. As the sun ruptures over the horizon in a glorious fire burst of multicolored beams, it spouts forth shades of every birthstone. Light is scattered and cascades onto the bow; the teak deck, even nipping the strong, elongated much- embraced hand railing. Prisms of light create contemporary rainbow bracelets; even a massive steel bolt for a moment becomes a jeweler’s showpiece.”

This fall come join me as I host another classic transatlantic crossing aboard the Queen Mary 2. It will be an adventure that will forever change your thoughts of luxury and relaxing. If your tick-tock routine of washing clothes, preparing ham soup, raking leaves, or simply taking out the trash needs movement towards a bit more deluxe lavishness, then a transatlantic crossing it just what you need. Start planning now and realize it will be OK to skip the fall cleaning of your window screens.

Queen Mary 2 has been noted as “the defining luxury ocean liner for the 21st century” in every possible aspect. On July 4, 2002 the keel laying ceremony for the QM2 was held in St. Nazaire, France. The structural keel is the large beam around which the hull of a ship is built. The keel runs in the middle of the ship, from the bow to the stern, and serves as the foundation spine of the structure. Thus comes the understanding of the saying “keep an even keel.” The keel is generally the first part of a ship’s hull to be constructed. The laying of the keel is a momentous event.

On April 25, 2004, the historical eastbound transatlantic crossing in tandem with the Queen Elizabeth 2 had the world watching as the two grand queens sailed together. Eastbound in the terms of transatlantic crossing means that you are sailing from Southampton, England to New York City, and westbound is the reverse of this. The QM2 has been sailing steadily since she was set into service in 2004. It is estimated that over her 40-year lifetime, the QM2 will travel the equivalent of twelve times to the moon and back.

It is interesting to note from my travel journal that the Queen Mary 2 is 1,132 feet long. She is as long as 41 double-decker London buses allowing 31 1/2 feet for each. Within the 3.5 acre footprint of the QM2, she could accommodate a fleet of 600 London Buses. If she were placed in New York City, the QM2 would stretch the length of four blocks of Fifth Avenue. Seventeen decks complete her, and the QM2 is one of the largest man-made objects ever built that moves under its own power. Her engines produce the thrust to launch a Boeing 747.

I share these bits of information to give you a sense of the space and size of the lovely Queen Mary 2. It is, however, on the stroll along her promenade deck or the view from a steamer chair as you connect in the gentle socializing, that I want to focus. This socializing and relaxing, along with the renowned Cunard White Star Service, and superb dining, are the hallmarks of a liner crossing.

In our world where lists run long, folks are sending text message to no end, and email messages often take priority, it is nice to place all of these in second place and relax in the lap of luxury. Your time and memories aboard the Queen Mary 2 will stand like a well-written letter on fine linen stationery. Letters and travel journals can be tucked away, and upon their retrieval, they become a benevolent source of joy transporting you back to a special moment where you took the time to simple relax, reflect, and let the world go by.

Is there a person who could not benefit from an undemanding time where luxury consoles you like a like a well-fitted glove? Comfort and glamour go arm-in-arm about the QM2; as a duo, they are mesmerizing. You will see this when you step into the largest library at sea, and the red leather barrel chairs call out your name. Go ahead and answer because your mind will enjoy a fine waltz with an author. It’s our prerogative how we spend our time relaxing. However, the reflections from each transatlantic crossing remind me how healthy it is to slow down our busy lives.

Over the next few weeks I will continue to share with you memories and recipes of my crossings. Current information is available about the Queen Mary 2 transatlantic crossing in October 2010 from Satrom Travel. Take the time to delve into the brochure information, and then think: “Do I want to clean window screens this fall, or shall I experience the elegance and grandeur of a Queen Mary 2 crossing?”

Repnow is a Rugby resident.

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