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Time to try homemade soup and crackers

By Staff | Oct 9, 2009

I am often asked by readers of “Let’s Cook” on how I decide what to write about each week.

Well, I have been extolling the virtues of home cooking since my birth. Most children either say ‘Mamma’ or ‘Dadda’ as one of their first words. Well, not me. I took one look at my baby rattle and, without missing a beat, began rolling it on my crib sheets like a rolling pin and squealing at the top of my lungs, “pie.” It was for this very reason that fashion designers got busy and created relaxed fit jeans. Now if you extol something, then you must also collect something. I can assure I have volumes of recipes I have collected (some of the journal entries that accompany them are really quite interesting). To date, I have only written about recipes in my column which I have tried, and personally like.

Now with that little intro, I’m sure you are thinking I am going to write about pie again. Sorry, but that will surface again in another column. Recently, Larry and Deb Zavada of Wolford showered us with a delicious gathering of rich, orange carrots from their garden. I love everything about a carrot; its color, its taste, its texture, and besides, their bright green tops are perfect for hanging over your garden basket. Recently, Lydia has been asking me what I plan to wear for Halloween. I do believe I will tell her I shall go as a carrot.

I let our chorus of carrots blend in harmony with other fall vegetables in our kitchen for just a few days before choosing the perfect recipe from my collection to use. This recipe has great character, and the rhythm of spices that dance through this pumpkin-colored, stove-top pool render a sweet, yet hardy, melody. It is because of these elements I call it Embraceable Carrot Soup. I have fussed with this recipe over the years, and it now has an embraceable palette. I have tried this soup on the hardest taste testers in the world, family members. Now keep in mind that many family members feel it is their job to daily get on the nerves of the household cook. Do not let this send your whisk flying. Instead, use this adversity to your advantage. Simply keep making carrot soup until they try it. Your daily tweaking of the potage will only make you a stronger and sharper carrot soup maker. Oh, what joy there is in making bold moves in a buttermilk kitchen. Sooner or later my brothers had to give in and try it.

Some of them finally exclaimed, “Wow. This is delicious!” It was for these dear souls that I went the extra mile and presented them homemade crackers to enjoy with their aromatic soup. I can assure you the combination of these two homemade items had the other petty souls soon leaving their canned noodle soup and store-bought crackers behind. That reminds me. I have two brothers who still don’t have to wear glasses. I know it was my carrot soup that helped elevate their vitamin A levels. I share with you two recipes that are perfect for fall:

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